Hugs – A natural medicine

What is the most accessible, affordable, hands-on healing that is fundamentally free to experience and enjoy? Hugs! Yes, really – hugging has been identified as a core human need, increasingly acknowledged that touch, which sustains our bodies in vibrant health – is vital for our personal wellbeing.

Giving ourselves love is the most basic nourishment we need as human beings, every single day of our lives. Touch is an essential part of allowing love to flow between ourselves and others. When we are babies we instinctively know this and cry in demand to be touched – to be picked up, held and nourished.

The human body was made to give and receive love unconditionally. Which explains why it can be so physically painful, to go through the process of separating. Hugging is something we can get from our romantic partners (vital for fuelling intimacy in relationships) yet it is also something we can give and receive with feel-good results from loved ones, families and friends.

During these changing times, the more creative force we can find the better! Hug away the stresses and strains of the day to improve positivity, to shift mental and physical states and release worries and reassure without having to voice or share your problems. Hugging is a silent, yet powerful, all natural prevention and cure.

But what about if there is noone there to give you a hug when you most need one? The Reiki Heart Anchor enables us to lock in that hug-love ourselves, like taking vitamins in the morning and at night – nourishment for the soul.

1. Place the fingertips of both hands directly over your heart on your chest.
2. Close your eyes and imagine filling yourself with the golden healing light, of wellbeing – love in its purest, most natural form (whatever this means for you personally).
3. See, hear, feel, taste, smell and experience this as completely as you can and know that as you are experiencing this, pure love is being poured into you.
4. When you are filled with the good, self-loving feelings say, ‘I receive love. I give love. I am love.’
5. Press all your fingertips to your heart to anchor this love inside you.
You have now anchored yourself in love. Know this love is available whenever you need it.