Human Design – a user’s manual for your life

Living and working in Ibiza can be a 24/7 whirlwind – even within the Wellbeing community – with nocturnal events plus many different people from different cultures and societies creating an amazing melting pot of ideas, influences and energies.

So here – perhaps more than anywhere else in the world – wouldn’t it be useful to understand your energy type? What you as an individual need in order to live successfully?

Human Design is an amazing system that enables you to learn about yourself and your human-needs by mapping out your type in terms of constitution, communication, preferences and energies.

Human Design – founded by Ra Uru Hu after experiencing a ‘deconstruction of who he was’ during a seven-day near-death experience – is the first esoteric system scientifically proven to know and understand our true nature, like a user’s manual for your life. It is a tool to know yourself better, to understand underlying behavioural and energy patterns plus realise where and how you may be influenced and conditioned by the world around you.

A synthesis of ancient wisdom and traditions like Astrology, I Ching, Chakra-system and Kabala with modern sciences such as quantum physics, astronomy, genetics and biochemistry, Human Design is a logical, easy and graphical way to discover our true nature and purpose in life.

It is NOT a belief system, religion, cult or dogma. It is a simple experiment that can be verified by following a strategy of decision-making, according to your energy type and inner-authority.

Charts are read (not interpreted) meaning there are no abstract lines or symbols, just your own unique diagram of energies – a combination of the astrological position of the planets with the 64 Hexograms of the I-Ching.

There are 4 different energy types making up the population – Generator (70%), Projector (20%), Manifestor (9%) and Reflectors (1%).

Human Design is offered as one-to-one sessions that last from one and a half to two hours, beginning with each individual after submitting the birth date, place and precise time of birth.

You receive a personal reading, giving information about your energy type and the according strategy, where your inner authority lies (what drives you), your prevailing ‘not’ self theme (emotions such as anger, frustration, bitterness or disappointment that are actually not you – what a relief!) You also receive your profile (the role we act out in life) plus your energy gates and channels in a unique body graph – characteristics and strengths as well as where you have been conditioned by parents, teachers, cultural and religious belief systems and other authorities, so you can rely on your own energies in your body and not need others feel whole, complete or energised.

To Therese Jagersberger – resident of Ibiza and Human Design Consultant – gaining this knowledge meant ‘shedding layers of previously held beliefs and new light on what I am here for, my purpose, my characteristics and how I can honour and enjoy living my potential. This was a huge relief – I felt I could let go of others’ expectations, to focus on what feels good and right and true for me.

Contact for more information, to have a reading with Therese or enjoy one of the upcoming Human Design Workshops.