Ibiza life coaching: Give a little love

Have you ever felt your heart pumping full of loving energy asks Ibiza life coaching expert Larah Davis?

Whether at the sight of a puppy, your lover or a pure newborn baby, or have you ever felt so moved by the beauty of nature here in Ibiza that it brings tears to your eyes? When did you last listen to a song that pulled at your heartstrings and made you want to smile, laugh or cry?

So we know how good it feels – the question is, how can you experience more of these gorgeous, juicy, loving feelings? 

The qualities of love – and of the heart chakra itself – are qualities of unconditional love and acceptance. Fabulous feelings that, when we reach for them more often, can enable everything to feel and flow better.

Self-love is the key to opening up the heart chakra. When we are sending enough love inside to ourselves, we automatically start noticing all the beauty, kindness, magical, uplifting things there are in the world.

But as wonderful as that sounds, the reality is that we tend to be pretty hard on ourselves as human beings. So here are five techniques for opening your heart and letting the love flow this February – the traditional month of love thanks to St Valentine – and beyond.

1. Practice acceptance
Accept life as it is and people as they are – including yourself. This releases judgments, jealousy and other low energy states of mind and emotion. By accepting ourselves for who we are, we allow others to do the same and acceptance is the precursor to the trump card of self-love.

2. Appreciate wildly!
Appreciate all the wonderful things in your life, from the beautiful new sofa or the warmth of your bath to the fresh air through the window. If, for example, you are NOT happy with the car you have, focus on the things that you can appreciate, how well it runs, the feel of the steering wheel – or the simple fact it gets you from A to B! This shifts the negative thoughts into a more harmonious and loving vibration.

3. Forgive
Yes, even if you can’t forget! Rather than holding on to hurt, pain and disgruntlement, or taking things very personally, just let them go. Let it be. Find the learnings and choose to grow from the challenges, which will boost your self-respect and help you become a stronger, happier, more loving person.

4. Be kind
Be kind to other people, to animals, to trees and plants, and recognise the heart that is in everything. Practicing kindness boosts serotonin levels in our brain – bring on that all-natural lovin’ feeling!

5. Embrace your generosity
Give a little love and give freely without expecting anything in return and this is the art of being truly generous. Free of attachment to the outcome, purely because it really does feel good. You will be AMAZED at the love that flows back your direction in so many, wonderful, surprising and magical ways.