Be your own Life Coach

Have you noticed when you are giving enough time and energy to yourself, when you are feeling good and have positive energy, that it feels like you are on a roll and everything somehow just seems to go right?

And the flipside – stressed out, burning the candle at both ends and living off a cycle of caffeine and adrenaline, pushing through your own mental and physical pain barriers – feels like everything and everyone is working against you?

When we get into this cycle of making things happen from force and will alone – it swiftly takes us away from our centre, our intuition and our natural ability to create and find positive solutions and to generate the results we desire and deserve.

These work-addictions, to adrenaline and unnatural highs of achieving (or trying to) gain results in the short term, yet long term, they take us way off balance. As the mind becomes increasingly focused on a certain idea of success, it rarely stimulates the same highs of fulfillment and happiness we have been searching for.

So how do you break this cycle?

The answer is simple – Just Stop!

Get off that hamster’s wheel, out of the rat race and far enough away to relax your mind and body, then to fill up with energy generated in natural ways. Here in Ibiza there are a plethora of different retreats on offer, enabling you to immerse yourself in life-enhancing activities, proven methods to de-stress and release the pressure.

Just Stop Retreats
have been created by Life Coach & Psychologist Rebekah Fensome and Life Coach, Wellbeing Consultant and founder of Ibiza Retreats, Larah Davis to do just that – stop the wheel of life from spinning out of control and take the time out that you deserve to tune-back in to what you want to have, be, experience and do.

Including daily yoga, meditation, workshops, stress-relief and releasing hands-on therapies plus workshops spanning music, dance, life coaching, neuro linguistic programming (NLP), laughter, delicious nutritious cuisine and more, the concept is to offer you a menu of life-balancing tools, techniques and activities that you do not have to do – unless you really want to. It is a five-day all-inclusive luxury retreat with an a la carte menu to explore, at your leisure and pleasure.

When we choose to start giving ourselves the love and get back in tune with who we are, living life to the full with a balance that is healthy, we light up the world around us and everything simply feels like it is going with the flow….

Just Stop! 9th – 13th April 2009 at the beautiful Shunya retreat. Contact us to discuss what you want and need to do (or not do!) on