Feel love this February – starting with YOU

How often do you actually give time to yourself to be alone and to enjoy doing whatever feels good? How much time, energy, thoughts and conversations are dedicated to others, because families, colleagues and clients necessitate it? How often do you do what you really want rather than tick off the next errand, make the next phone call or write the next email to satisfy someone else’s requirements?

Amidst the hectic swirls of social life, career, kids, social lives, appointments, house keeping, health, fitness and life in general, it is all too easy to lose sight of our true selves. Without ever stopping to listen to silence, to be in nature, to let all our responsibilities go, even just for a moment, we ultimately forget who we really are inside.

Just by tuning in to yourself, your personal happiness dramatically increases. Immerse yourself in the countryside, meditate on the beach, ride, cycle or take a hot yoga class. Take the time to appreciate and inhale life and its potential and possibilities. Let your fears drain away, anxieties float off on the breeze and watch your positivity bubble over into the lives of all those around you.

Just as learning to enjoy your own company is essential, love and human connection are also vital human needs. Hugs, touching and intimacy – from the moment we are born – are part of our make-up. Spending time alone – whether you are in a relationship or not (yet) – enables you to be able to stay in tune with who you are and recognise what you need, so that you can ask for it.

And when you ask from the heart, you will inevitably receive.

Once in tune with your own happiness, you will discover it is interaction with other people that leads us to the house, the job or the opportunities that we are looking for – you just need to take the time to allow this magical natural networking to happen. This is done simply by relaxing and opening our eyes, ears and hearts, doing what feels right and good, rather than crossing off our must-do lists.

One of the amazing qualities about in Ibiza in winter, is that people really do stop and enjoy the time to connect with one another, to share a conversation on a street corner, speak at length with friends, old and new, to explore commonalities and themes. To make new friends at the table next to them in a café or to offer help to someone in need.

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