Massage – Hands on healing for body and mind


The end of the season and the change from summer to winter means feelings of exhaustion for many – in Ibiza, throughout Europe and beyond….

Feeling endlessly aching shoulders, sore neck and back or suffer from persistent headaches? Do you work – standing up or at a computer – for long periods of time, stressed to the max and feel like your body is on overdrive, just desperately needing to STOP? Are you experiencing that I-can’t-get-a-good-night’s-sleep-until-it’s-all-over tiredness?

When we are feeling these aches and pains, over-active thoughts, or just out of physical and mental sorts, it is best to call in the professionals to massage away the stresses and strains plus mental and physical pains.

Through synchronised hand movements and a wide variety of different techniques, the body is encouraged to release toxins whilst energy is moved around and blockages – emotional, physical and energetic – stored in our tissues are released.

From the feet, to the shoulders, the head, neck, back, legs and hands, massages can be focused on specific areas or full-body, from 30 minutes to several hours. The physical touch of the masseuse’s hands give an immediate calming effect, directing our mind away from its thoughts as our attention shifts to our bodies.

When receiving your massage, focus on your breath. When combined with breathing techniques, it gives the whole body and mind an incredible flushing of oxygen to the cells – reviving and enlivening organs and stopping the ageing effects lack-of-oxygen can create!

Here in Ibiza we are privileged to work with a highly experienced portfolio of therapists who offer an A-Z of specialist techniques and incredible relief for body, mind and soul. The many different styles and techniques of massage include:

Acupressure and Shiatsu – focusing on pressure points around the body to work on the meridians (energy pathways) like acupuncture without needles

Aromatherapy – using essential oils to trigger emotional release, relaxation and rejuvenation through stimulating scents

Ayurveda Abhyanga – with specific flushing techniques to eliminate toxins and stress and incorporating medicated oils

Deep Tissue Sports Massage – working deeply on muscle groups to move blockages (not for fragile bodies and sensitive souls)

Holistic massage – incorporating different techniques to treat the whole person, considering mental, physical and energetic wellbeing

Swedish – a classic style of massage for overall wellbeing

Thai Yoga – opening and moving the body to release pressure, open joints, drain the lymphatic system and much more

Contact us on for a consultation about the benefits you are looking for, for your specific aches, pains and issues. We work with many independent specialists across the island, who can come to you in your holiday villa or home.