Meditation – Taking many forms

Do you find yourself chasing after the next thing in life, constantly seeking more? Do you try to control what comes next or feel concerned about things that are out of your control?

Meditation quietens your mind, relaxes your body and enables you to connect directly with yourself and to the presence of the now. It is an incredibly effective way to release the concerns we trap ourselves into feeling.

Throughout life, we learn – or are conditioned by society – to treat problems as serious matters that require plenty of consideration. This results in our minds chattering away continually, driving us mad with fears and anxieties.

We allow ourselves to experience massive amounts of emotional stress and physical tension, unless we can just stop, tune out from the mind chatter and tune in to just allowing ourselves to be.

In the current state of international affairs, we cannot control what is going on outside of ourselves, but learning meditation techniques helps to control what goes on within ourselves. The benefits of meditation are all about wellbeing so we can experience life more lightly and with greater inner peace and calm.

Meditation is not about an end result – it’s about witnessing your own personal journey.

There are many forms of meditation becoming increasingly taught and available to experience today. From serious commitments like 10-day silent Vipassana meditation retreats to light-hearted laughter or dancing meditations, it is about getting into that good feeling space – however you choose to do so. The first step is to allow yourself the time and space to focus on this.

A lovely way to treat your meditation practice is to take the time in the morning to give yourself the nourishment you need – whether it is a yoga session, horse riding, running, a nature walk, a sitting meditation focusing on the breath, chanting mantras or singing your favourite songs as a release. Whatever shifts your focus out of your mind and into the moment becomes a meditation.

Try an Indian ‘Kundalini’ meditation, where you shake for 15 minutes, dance for 15 minutes, sit for 15 minutes then lie still for 15 minutes – very therapeutic for the overactive Western mind. Our bodies need to shake out the chatter and release the pressure before our minds can unwind.

At the end of the day meditation time is cleaning and cleansing your mind relaxing your body, reviving your spirits and soothing your soul. It is freeing up the real you that is always within, not just the you in the office, who socialises with friends, cooks dinner or takes the kids to school. This is a lifelong practice.

In Ibiza we have the pleasure of receiving many different meditation teachers to the island – both those who are residents and who visit specifically to give day and residential workshops and retreats.

Contact for details on different types of meditation available around the Island.