NIA Yoga – Integrating Yoga with dance


Do you love dancing and high-energy experiences yet find it challenging to actually slow down? Do you find yoga not upbeat enough and prefer to lose yourself in the music of the Ibiza weekend yet still need to find further ways to unwind? Or would you love to find an aerobic dance class that is more spiritually inclined, fusing great music with movements that really feel good too?
NIA Yoga is perfect for all those dance lovers out there – and that is most of us here on the white isle! We have all experienced the release and freedom of truly letting our hair down and just dancing at some stage – and the amazing energy of a great party or club night, when everyone is moving together in rhythm.
Incorporating sequences of movements that open up the joints and totally condition the body and improve muscle tone, NIA Yoga generates this buzz too. Improving mental and emotional health while unlocking energy and repressed emotional blockages to give your whole being a full rejuvenation, inside and out, you finish class feeling revived and relaxed simultaneously.
Each movement opens up the body and unwinds the spine. Classes focus the mind on movements allowing the body to totally let go. Knots from too much computer work become unraveled as you reconnect with your body and raise energy levels plus ground and centre yourself at the same time.
Dancing in sequences that are strong, powerful and completely get everything all out of your system, without even a drop of alcohol, your body feels light and uplifted while your muscles feel connected and alive. This buzz comes from our serotonin – released into our brain as a natural upper that is a positive, life-enhancing high.
Drawing on the healing arts, the martial arts and the dance arts too, NIA blends the essence of a wide variety of knowledge within a personal growth fitness program for the body, mind and the spirit too. It supports the pleasure principle and reminds us to listen to our bodies as our ultimate life compass: if it feels good keep doing it!
And it does feel good – very. NIA is a recently created, innovative accompaniment for (or entry point into) Yoga, Pilates, meditation and the many worlds of self-development. It is a living system that works with body intelligence to tune out from the often over powering mind that can urge us to do more and keep going rather than do less in better ways. NIA empowers you to tune in to your body and to listen to your inner-guidance – a skill we can now bring into the rest of our lives too.
So when you feel the need to dance it out and dance it up – but it’s mid-week and the weekend seems so far away – contact to try the new NIA Yoga class in Santa Gertrudis at 9.30am on Thursdays.