Pilates – A powerful tool

Would you like a stronger sense of confidence in your body and mind? Would you like to feel powerful, toned and slim? Want to get back in shape whilst taking extra special care of a painful injury?

Pilates is a proven fitness and relaxation program made up of hundreds of specialised exercises, with a focus on strengthening weak muscles and stretching tight areas to create greater core strength. When we feel truly powerful in our physical centre, we are powerful in our emotional centre too.

Breaking away from traditional fitness routines, Pilates complements yoga and dance and is ideal to integrate with running, active sports and gym workouts. All Pilates movements stem from the core – abdominal, lower back and pelvic area – then flow outwards to the rest of your muscle groups, with very delicate movements. However whilst it is visually and physically low-impact, it has amazing affects on the body.

Due to its slow, almost meditative approach towards exercise, Pilates is ideal for those recovering from injury. It brings the whole body into alignment whilst bringing about a greater sense of body-mind awareness. Students explore in detail how to access, isolate and strengthen different muscle groups and ultimately equip themselves with a detailed understanding of how to use these exercises at home.

Arguably the fastest route to a washboard stomach (with long-lasting effects), Pilates is a blessing for bikini babes and wonderful for mothers wanting to regain their pre-baby shape. Breath work is an essential part of the practice and the subtlety with which exercises are practiced means the process is also quite therapeutic – simultaneously slowing the breath and calming the mind.

While making the core area of the body strong, there is a significant focus on the back muscles – perfect for those who spend a lot of time at the computer and feel pain in the neck, shoulders or upper back. Due to its careful consideration of the entire body, a Pilates workout helps turn your body into a physical tool – one that bends, flexes and supports your daily routine with added strength and stamina, keeping up with your active mind (or active kids and busy timetable!)

Rather than overdoing it in the gym or pushing yourself through a sequence of postures in class, by integrating Pilates into your exercise program, you work in harmony with your body, rather than competing against yourself or others. As an awareness of your body’s signals grows, you hear what your body is saying more clearly and adapt your workout to suit.

Though not a cardiovascular workout, the intensity of Pilates – through design and repetition – certainly leaves the body feeling deeply worked out. Taught on mats, integrating props such as exercise balls and ropes, you leave class with a calmer mind, a more relaxed, aligned and stronger spine and an overall sense of clarity.

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