Featured workshop: Private sessions for women

Valerie Anne Smith is now offering private sessions for women in Ibiza within the warm, comforting and safe surrounds of Casa Corazon in 2013. These one-to-one sessions are about letting go of the past and connecting with the sacred feminine within oneself, to find inner balance.

Each session is approximately one hour, and Valerie recommends a series of three initial sessions at a cost of 65€ each, thereafter followed by 50€ per additional session. These three first sessions gives you a chance to explore the concept and discover how and what you feel you will benefit from connecting together.

Sessions begin with a short form of mediation, connecting to yourself and the earth. This is followed by question and answer time, or simply tuning in to the ‘letting go’ that needs to come, letting go of mind forms, old fear, resentment and so on, depending on your individual needs. Once this inner silence and personal change has been established, everything begins to flow more easily, both inside and outside of your session.

Why only women? Understanding each woman is on her own unique, ongoing, personal journey of discovery, Valerie is experienced with guiding you through any inner chaos and onto a connection with the earth, accepting feelings over the mind. The concept for these new private sessions evolved via her weekly women’s mediation circle and provides a means for those who wish to delve deeper into themselves, or for those who may be in a transition or crisis, or those who may not be able to participate in group sessions, to really explore their deeper identity.

For more details or to book your session, please email Valerie on ibizaval@yahoo.co.uk