Qi Gong – A meditation in motion

Have you ever experienced the spiralling feelings or energy highs and lows being constantly on-the-go creates? Or been stressed with the idea that you ‘have’ to do something and there’s never enough hours in the day?

Whether it’s a flourishing career, scores of household tasks, the dawn-til-dusk responsibilities of motherhood or simply keeping up with emails and your social calendar that’s causing you stress, life’s challenges, opportunities, deadlines, commitments and requirements can – at times – over stretch our natural energy levels, leaving us to run on pure adrenalin. This adrenalin over stimulates our minds even more, making us feel as though we need to do more. And more. And even more…

Get the picture? Wouldn’t you prefer to feel calm, clear and focused in the now rather than concerned with problems of the past or worried about the future?

Unless you have a practical set of resources to interrupt this pattern, the over-active cycle will continue. The ancient art of Qi Gong is a beautiful way to rediscover your own sense of timing, energise the body and calm even the most over-active of minds. To get back into your feel-good flow!

It’s as simple as beginning with just one hour a week.

So what exactly is Qi Gong? A practice combining a series of physical exercises in a soft yet powerful flow, similar to Tai Chi in the way both are meditations in motion. These practical exercises help you re-set your body clock, feel good instantly, release stress and excess adrenalin, come back to yourself and enjoy clarity plus a stronger physical body with a calmer, quieter mind.

‘Qi’ (also known as Chi) is life force energy and one of the five columns of Chinese Medicine. ‘Gong’ is the way of the chi, meaning the practice is about working with your energy. It is said that the Qi leads the spirit that leads the body, tuning us in to the universal life force of continual balanced energy.

Shaolin monks harness the power of universal life in one gesture, filling their bodies with energy so concentrated and focused they have the ability to chop through walls of bricks, flip themselves through the air and achieve seemingly super human feats.

While it may take some serious practice to achieve this yourself, Qi Gong tunes all students in to their core energy source – known as Dan Tien – to enhance energy levels to sustain you throughout your day-to-day life.

Students learn ‘tool kits’ of gentle, graceful exercises which are put into practice to reduce stress, maintain good health and wellbeing, release and transform physical and emotional tension, pain and blockages to create balance within oneself. Common Qi Gong movements include raising and lowering the arms, moving the head from side to side and gently rubbing the ears, hands, and feet.

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