Reiki – a natural, healing power

Are you experiencing up and down energy levels, feeling anxious or depressed? Are you aware of blocked emotions needing be released or expressed? Do you find yourself bottling things up, holding back tears or what it is you really want to say?

To cope with today’s pressured lifestyle we learn to reach peak performance, whatever the cost. For hundreds of years society has asked us to keep up appearances and hide our true feelings yet all of this creates exhausting energy drains – unresolved emotional issues that can cause depression and give way to deeper physical discomfort and even disease.

Reiki is a subtle yet powerful treatment enabling us to shift stuck and repressed emotions, clear energy blockages and ease the related physical elements. It is given as hands on healing, integrated into massage treatments or with hands held above the body as a purely healing session. Its curative qualities bring benefits from relieving anxiety and depression to alleviating first and second-degree burns, insomnia, stress and even snoring.

Simply and purely, Reiki is the natural healing power that stems from the universal creative life energy we all possess. It is there in everybody’s hands – it simply needs to be recognised or initiated. There must be no ego involved – practitioners put all personal issues and agendas completely aside, creating a selfless, healing practice.

This healing method has been mentioned throughout history, including Jesus healing with his hands and in the Vedas (old Sanskrit books) of Hindu and Buddhist philosophies, however Reiki as we know it originated in Japan in the mid nineteenth century. Doctor Mikao Usui developed the idea after reading about this natural healing energy in 2500-year old Sanskrit Sutras (writings or verses) and wanted to revive the tradition.

He undertook a 21-day fast with 21 stones whilst singing the key words of these Sanskrit sutras. On the 21st day he was hit by a ray of light in the centre of his third eye. He felt on the verge of dying, then saw Sanskrit words in gold in front of him and was suddenly full of energy. He ran too fast down the mountain and hit his toe, which began bleeding. He put his hand on it and the bleeding stopped immediately – this was the first sign of Reiki working, allowing natural energy to flow through and enable healing.

He went on to work for the poor in the slums for seven years as the Reiki word spread. People asked to become initiated and the seeds of Reiki healing continued to grow, continuing to the present day. Reiki practitioners study levels of attunement with a direct lineage descending from the Doctor himself through grand masters into masters and practitioners of first and second degree Reiki. With each attunement, students learn the delicate art and healing ceremony with selfless intentions being key.

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