Soul Adventures on the white isle: Retreats led by Trish Whelan


‘In the words of Atomic Kitten, it’s about becoming whole again,’ laughs Trish Whelan of Soul Adventures, when asked the concept behind her upcoming weeklong Ibiza retreat, Vibrate At Your Highest Frequency, taking place in a luxurious villa on the island’s east coast from September 28, 2013.

Jokes aside, the experienced Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master and Kundalini Yoga teacher – who previously worked in the fast-paced London music industry – really knows her stuff. Trish has designed a unique seven-day experience she describes as a ‘meeting of the minds,’ and that focuses on a ‘chakra a day’ via Kundalini yoga and meditation, shamanic healing and reiki, with complementary organic meals to support the day’s breakthroughs.

But what does this mean in ‘normal people’ speak?

‘I don’t want people to feel like this is a weird dusty retreat, or that they’ll have to eat mung beans for a week,’ says Trish, who has plenty of personal experiences to draw on when developing her own style of retreat. Far from it! Your digs for the week are super luxurious and designed to make you feel as much like you are on a holiday, as you are on a self-healing retreat (check the inspiring pictures here and start to visualize yourself by the pool… nice or what?) and your meals are lovingly created using local organic produce and superfoods and supervised by a nutritionist to ensure the highest possible quality… and taste!

With only 10 places available on this very exclusive and intimate retreat, the experience is ultra-personal, warm and welcoming from the minute you’ve stepped onto the premises (probably even before – from the minute you reserve your place you’ll start to feel lighter and brighter, just knowing what’s ahead!). It’s also very accessibly priced, at just 1200€ per person sharing or 1350€ per person in a private room, including accommodation, all food, drinks, meals, juices and all classes and workshops plus two shamanic healing sessions. Talk about more bang for your buck!


Explaining the healing concepts of the retreat…

Kundalini yoga is a very powerful form of yoga – and there are very few Kundalini based retreats on the island – working on the nervous system, the glandular system, focusing on the third eye and sitting into your energetic centre. It’s less about posturing and ohm-ing and more about reconnecting with your own energy. Trish recommends the retreat for those who have had some experience with Kundalini yoga in the past, or for those who have a vested interest in beginning their own practice. ‘It’s so deep, so profound, and so different to all other forms of yoga,’ she says. ‘I have been practicing Kundalini yoga for over seven years and it has been a really transformational experience for me.’

Music plays a vital role in the process – another vital connection with the island’s rich musical history and heritage – and is a very important part of Trish’s own healing therapies.

Reiki is a non-invasive ancient form of natural healing directed at achieving balance and harmony of mind, body and spirit. ‘I channel the energy through my hands and the Reiki energy balances the chakras (energy centres) of the body,’ explains Trish. ‘Because the Reiki energy works on all levels to balance and harmonise, the causes as well as the resulting illness are being treated in all cases.’

Shamanic Healing is based on the most ancient form of healing on the planet. ‘All over world, more than 40,000 years ago (and definitely before mobile phones and planes were invented!) tribes were using the same techniques for healing,’ says Trish, who became aware of the techniques after practicing Reiki for quite some time but feeling there was something extra that was ‘missing’ for some people. The theory behind it is that when we suffer a trauma – be it a heartbreak, a car accident, bullying in the playground or the loss of a loved one – on whatever level, our souls leave our bodies in a moment of fight or flight. When the soul returns, it is believed that not all parts come back, and Shamanic Healing works to regroup your entire soul – the trauma will not return, but your power and energy is restored.

Combining these three very powerful tools, the Vibrate At Your Highest Frequency Retreat will deliver you to your true self, your real essence and leave you vibrating on the highest possible level for true happiness. ‘With the powerful energy of this island, merging Kundalini with Shamanic Healing and Reiki, plus working on a chakra a day including food and colour vibrational therapy – it’s so dynamic, basically cutting through all the crap and giving you a fast-track to positive results.’

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Last, but not least, tell me more about chakras…

Over to Trish: ‘We have three lower chakras called ‘the lower triangle’ and they are the root (base of the spine) the sacrum (sex organs) the solar plexus (tummy) and the heart sits in between them and the three in the ‘upper triangle’… and they are the throat, the third eye (in-between the eyebrows) and the crown chakra which is where we wear our crowns,’ she explains. ‘They are all equally important to each other and when they are all in balance and not blocked we feel at our best.’

‘Through practicing specific Kundalini Yoga sets for each chakra alongside meditation, energetic balancing and healing we will remove the block in the energy flow and come back into balance. Whatever needs to be healed will come up to be healed and we will feel much better,’ she says.

‘It’s not like sitting down and studying chakras intensely,’ says Trish. ‘Rather, we subtly and slowly provide you with information you can take back into the ‘real world’ with you, to empower you. The next time you feel out of balance, you won’t necessarily have to come back for more healing – you will have a deeper insight into your own connections and the power to unblock your chakras.’

For more information visit or email Trish directly on to book your place on this beautiful retreat. Trish also offers Kundalini yoga classes, plus private healing and reiki sessions in Ibiza – get in touch for more information.

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