Sweet sounds of healing


Music and the vibrations of sound have the power to truly and deeply transform. From negative emotions to positive vibes or from a crazy, chattering mind to feeling calm, clear and loving inside, how much better, lighter and happier do you feel when you are singing along to a much loved song? In an instant, music uplifts your whole state of being – no matter how low or frustrated you were feeling before.

Sound Healing is a journey – a musical meditation that gives the over-active mind a pure focus whilst clearing blocked energies, opening up your heart and communication chakras. Bringing you fully into the all-powerful present, singing (or merely listening) in the moment to absorb, toning, tuning vibration, Sound Healing lifts your spirits and soothes your soul, helping to heal physical and emotional pain.

So how does it work? Whatever you are feeling on the inside, transmits through your physical body into the outside world too – have you ever noticed the way when you shift your mood, the moods of others’ around you shift dramatically too? The reason is because sound waves resonate with human beings at a cellular level. For example, aggressive beats with angry lyrics – which seem to offer a kind of emotional release, still transmit that same angry, aggressive vibration, keeping you on that same frustrated frequency.

Classical music however, is a healing harmony. In scientific experiments, when played close to water that was then frozen and viewed under a microscope, beautiful perfect crystals were formed that reflected the perfect harmonies being played. Since our cells are mostly made up of water, imagine the benefits that sounds-that-feel-good can also bring physically?

Just as breath-work disperses stress and oxygenates your cells, your mind and your bloodstream, music nourishes the cells that make you up as a whole with very little effort. When you sing, chant or simply express the sound you are feeling, rather than risking the wrong words damaging your relationships (and yourself!) you can easily get the feelings processed and out.

So tune in and tone up, in the blossoming circles of Sound Healing. These workshops are held at the beautiful Buddha House with the likes of Maureen Ji, who travels the world offering Somatherapy and trains with masters to expand the gifts she brings back to Ibiza’s shores. Many other island musicians also take part in workshops alongside international visitors including Thomas Clements to help you learn to enrich your listening sensitivities, explore and develop your voice and resonance, experiment with the phenomenon of resonance within the body and much more…

Stay in the sound healing loop and email larah@ibizaretreats.com for details on all workshops and other healing musical happenings.