Tai Chi – Philosophy & Practices

Do you ever find yourself too caught up in your thoughts and feel unable to get grounded? Need to realign that computer-shoulder-posture and rebalance a Blackberry focused brain? In these changing times how wonderful would it be to discover a daily practice that helps you enjoy greater inner-peace while improving flexibility and awareness of your body?

Literally translating to supreme or ultimate fist, it harnesses the same universal life force energy as Qi Gong through sequences of specialised movements. As possibly the softest form of martial arts, the purpose of Tai Chi is to strengthen our connection with ourselves and tune in to a constant energy flow, ultimately enabling us to become grounded yet fluid and strong.

This gentle discipline calls students to dedicate themselves to creating a series of physical metaphors – like a meditation in motion – learned through physical pictures created with your movements. Visualising these pictures guides the body into shapes and forms that enable release of tension and stress, creating grounding and inner peace through a flow of movements that take you into a gentle, relaxed state.

Yet it is not from the mind these images begin, rather, in the centre of the body. Known as the Dan Tien in Chinese Medicine, in Sanskrit, the Hara, it is the centre of the belly area, our power centre and our personal central power source where these images are stemmed from.

The short forms of Tai Chi consist of 24 – 32 pictures and depend on the tradition that the teaching stems from. Whilst Qi Gong or Yoga can be explored in just several classes, like a meditational dance, Tai Chi is a practice that recommends a minimum of 12 sessions. This ensures sufficient experience of the steps, shapes and forms to develop a good basis to allow the flowing formations to take over and your practice becomes fluid and natural.

Once you have begun Tai Chi studies there are many elements you can add to your practice (at convenient intervals) to help slow down, re-centre and re-focus even the fastest-paced of lives. All you require is you and some physical space to enjoy this gentle yet powerful physical-emotional alignment.

Suitable for people of all physical levels of fitness, even pregnant and of all ages, soothing and calming for the body, mind and soul, Tai Chi truly is a Martial Art that focuses on internal strength and helps you relax, re-energise and reconnect.

And here on this beautiful island of Ibiza, to learn Tai Chi formations on the lush green grass, with bare feet, amazing views and the scent of the pine trees around you is nothing short of pure bliss…

Contact info@ibizaretreats.com to find out about classes happening in different locations around the island – from high on a hillside to the centre of Ibiza Town.