Walking in the wilderness

february 026

Do you like regular physical exercise and exploring the great outdoors? Would you love to burn off excess calories, stretch your legs and release tension trapped in thighs and calf muscles? Were you once an avid runner – now taking care of knees or joints, missing the fresh oxygen and scenic views?

There are far fewer ways to regain your serenity of self and peace of mind than walking in the wilderness – away from the rest of humankind.

While gyms certainly serve their purpose and offer a form of moving meditation for many, by balancing your ‘time in’ with sufficient ‘time out’ – especially dewy early mornings in the summer months – you can release much more pressure and experience a greater sense of being free.

Breathing in pine fresh air, allowing the space around you to release you from the things that clutter the mind and inhibit the imagination is profoundly uplifting. Walking in nature (especially those long, adventurous Ibiza caminos that miiiiight just lead to an untouched beach somewhere) soothes the soul, gives the whole body a workout and opens up many new life perspectives, to offer creative inspiration, dreams and ideas alongside in-depth personal insights.

There is substantial scientific evidence that proves walking in mother nature can:

•    Opens your mind. Walking in a natural environment opens up your perspective, shifting the focus from internal thoughts to external awareness and away from worries, anxieties and loops of thought-feeling patterns that can keep  you involuntarily stuck where you don’t want to be.
•    Boosts your feel-good factor. Noticing and then focusing on the beauty of nature and the purity of the environment is proven to raise the feel-good factor.
•    Reduces levels of cholesterol and risk of heart disease.
•    Offers a low impact (yet depending on your pace, nicely challenging) cardiovascular workout.
•    Induces a state of mindfulness. That is meditative and deeply calming.
•    Releases stress. Improves your mood and enhances self-esteem.
•    Cleanses and detoxifies. As you breathe in fresh air, your life force increases and carbon monoxide and old air is dispelled. As you walk, your circulation improves and as you loosen up, lactic acid stored in joints and muscle tension is freed.

In essence, isn’t it just so relaxing to get back to basics, to be with nature and away from the faster-and-faster trappings of our light-speed tweeting society? Even better than that perhaps, it is something you can do alone, with friends, with groups and FOR FREE! Why not just get up early and see where you feet take you, rather than your head?

For a Star Trekking experience along beautiful beaches and through magical coves, join a walking group in Ibiza. Contact admin@ibizaretreats.com for more information and to book your place. Or try a mindfulness walk ending in a sunset meditation, in the bliss of silence, on a magical cliff-top above Santa Ines. There’s a minimum of three people – contact info@ibizaretreats.com for further details.