Yoga Dance – A refreshing fusion

Have you been practising Yoga for a while and would love to enjoy it with music and a creative, fluid journey? Do you enjoy the release and freedom of expression that dancing brings but wish that there was a way to enjoy it away from the alcohol, smoke and late-night hours? Oh yes – and all that hedonistic Ibiza craziness too!

Yoga Dance quite literally takes yoga off the mat, integrating traditional Yoga Asanas with variations and extensions that play with the rhythm of music and the flow of your breath. A refreshing fusion that is an all round workout, music carries you away in the practise so that you can find yourself drowning out the chattering mind and immerse your body in the movements, asanas and the energy of the class.

Rather than following a fixed sequence, Yoga Dance is imaginative and spontaneous, with your teacher taking you on an exploratory journey – aligning energy and releasing toxins, mental and physical blockages plus enabling greater flexibility as you extend your body to the beat.

You will enjoy a greater awareness of your body, feeling your way into the class, sensitising to the depth and rhythm of your breath.  With movement, the cardiovascular rate heats the body naturally, not unlike the feel of a busy dance floor. The synchronicity of the group, moving together as one lifts the energy of one and all.

As the music has a slight trance-like effect, the mind gets out the way so that you can physically move through postures and poses to feel into what your body needs to clear tensions and stress, unwind and realign.

Momentum builds throughout the class, giving you a natural booster – also known as a seratonin high – and brings you a nourishing feeling of inner-peace afterwards, having completed your exercise, moved your body, opened the vertebrae of your spine and immersed yourself in the music to enjoy a clear, calm and happy mind.

Yoga Dance is great for those who have some Yoga experience and a basic understanding of the techniques of the different Asanas. Fabulously freeing, it offers space for your own self-expression, whilst benefiting from the instruction of your teacher, who can help with your physical integration of the technical knowledge that grounds and levels your poses.

Here on the white island, where dance is a way of life, Yoga Dance is perhaps the most natural, uplifting, rewarding and rejuvenating alternative to those wild Ibiza nights we all enjoy…

Enjoy private and drop-in sessions as well as monthly retreats from one of the Island’s finest instructors, James De Maria and Liquid Gold Yoga Dance with the wonderful Rebecca Parker. Contact for further information about Yoga Dance classes, workshops and retreats.