Ibiza life coaching: Make the most of your summer memories


Ibiza life coaching expert Larah Davis of Ibiza Retreats explains how to make the most of your summer-holiday memories and experience new levels of happiness and calm!

As summer segues into its September swansong, the kids are finally going back to school and (most of) you are returning to the regular rhythms and routines of work-life reality.   

Warmer times continue to encourage us to go a little more slow, to be – and feel – lighter and brighter, which means that daily challenges and issues can seem much easier to manage. From doing nothing but lazing by the pool, living life day by day, moment to moment, with far fewer plans (or maybe none at all), to being active and busy again can be quite the challenge, so why not try to carry some of that delicious sense of summer spontaneity – and Vitamin D highs – through with you into your day to day?

You can choose to carry the holiday calm, inner smile and chillax time relaxation into your daily life, simply by following these basic steps to infuse your life with the positive vibrations.

1. Print off photos from your iphone/pad or laptop and have them in places where you can regularly see them to fire up your positive memories

2. Take time each day that is purely for you to unplug – switch off the phone, emails and whatsapps – even 10 minutes when you can disconnect completely

3. Choose a time each week that is unplanned, without any ‘have to’s’ or structured schedules, where you can just go with the flow

4. Create some smiles, which are infectious, and notice how this also relaxes the muscles around the jaw and into the neck. It really does help you smile from the inside

5. Book a monthly massage or treatment – giving yourself time to relax and receive help to keep your heart open, eliminate stress and toxins and, as you keep re-treating yourself,  affirming your relaxation vibes