Ibiza life coach: Turn resolutions into realities

We’re just over a week into the new year – have you made your new year’s resolutions yet? Would you like to enjoy healthy bank accounts, healthy living and healthy, loving relationships in 2013? Or is your focus more about your inner-self finding peace… exploring your inner-world and spiritual path to develop your sense of self and thus feel genuinely more complete?

And – let’s be honest here – how many pre-made resolutions have you already broken in the first week of January? You know the kind: ‘Oh well, I’ve had one glass of wine so I might as well have another one… or two’.

Whatever your resolutions are for 2013, try to make sure you are creating intentions that are ‘cleanly created’. Be honest with yourself that you genuinely want these intentions with your heart and soul – and not just because your mother, your lover or working partners think so. Or even that pesky little voice inside your head that whispers ‘you shouldn’t, you ought to, you must do, you have to’ just when you’ve switched off the lights in bed.

Try using the wheel of life (below) to map out different sections of your life and tune in to the areas where you really want to allocate your focus.

Ibiza life coaching: The art of time management

When writing or stating your new year’s resolutions, always make them positively stated, in the present tense. For example, instead of saying ‘I want to enjoy’ or ‘I will enjoy’, using the phrase ‘I enjoy’ enables you to attract this in the now, rather than thinking of it as a future possibility.

‘I enjoy a fulfilling life with enough time for my family, friends, music and walks in nature with plenty of cash flow to go on three amazing holidays.’

The words want and will push the possibility of your intentions happening into the future. When you affirm it verbally, or write it down as if it is already happening, you should instantly notice the difference within. It begins to physically resonate within the tissues of your being.

Your mind automatically deletes negatives from the resolution. If you were to say, ‘don’t think about white elephants,’ what do you find yourself thinking about? Elephants by any chance? Exactly – the conscious mind ignores the don’t and the not and just registers the main subject of the sentence. Which isn’t ideal if you want to focus on giving up smoking!

So – here is an opportunity to really get your resolutions right. Think of the benefits each one brings you and focus on these instead. Juice them up with the positive rewards sticking to each of these intentions brings and this ensures they are compelling, you feel inspired and motivated, rather than as if you are beating yourself with a branch to keep it together.

Here are five key examples of cleanly intended resolutions, to help you manifest your own more easily:

1. ‘I am going to stop smoking’ becomes ‘I am enjoying clear healthy lungs, fresh breathe and five years of extra lifespan’.

2. ‘I am giving up wine in January becomes ‘I drink cleansing water, teas and healthy juices in January’.

3. ‘I am going to lose weight’ becomes ‘I am becoming slimmer, fitter and lighter and feel amazing’.

4. ‘I am going to the gym every day’ becomes juiced up with ‘I feel strong, powerful, sexy and ready for anything thanks to my daily gym sessions’.

5. ‘I will not eat tinned tuna fish because they are becoming extinct’ changes to ‘I am eating locally grown tuna that is organically and sustainably farmed’.

See the difference?

At Ibiza Retreats, we (like Oprah!) recommend creating vision boards to give your inner-self a colourful, beautiful, inviting collage that constantly reminds you of your goals, wishes and dreams for 2013. It is a time-honored technique that enables your resolutions to become realities… and it’s also fun to do in the dark, depths of January blues. Start to lift your spirits and get happy with a big pile of colourful magazines, relax and allow your imagination to have wings…

If you are in Ibiza, join a lovely group of open-minded Ibiza people for a creative and fun Vision Board Workshop on January 26, 2013, in a beautiful, inspiring location. Contact larah@ibizaretreats.com for more information or to book your place.