Life coaching and the law of attraction

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Photography by Barbara Di Giacinto

How would you like to find a fresh focus in order to create a magical 2011? Would you like to have a process that helps what you want to really happen? Have you heard of the law of attraction? Life coaching helps you become the athlete of your life, to take responsibility for achieving what you want to achieve, whilst empowering you with practical tools and life strategies.

Sounds great… but what does that actually mean? The new year is a fantastic time to put some highly effective techniques into practice. After (hopefully) taking time out over Christmas to recharge, refuel and to generally disconnect from the must-dos of modern society, your heart and mind have space for new ideas, insights and inspirations. Discerning what you really want to do, be and feel in 2011 already puts you ahead of the game, automatically helping you make the right decisions for all your desires and even those big-colourful-how-on-earth-can-that-possibly happen dreams become reality.

How? It spins off a concept called the law of attraction – something that has been on the lips of many people since the emergence of The Secret in the last five years. This video, book and website became the hub of many online (and face to face) dialogues as people began to grasp the Quantum Physics behind this universal law. There are three basic principles to apply:

1. Ask. Where attention goes energy flows, so where you put your attention is really important. Before the year gets going take time to visualise, imagine and dream for whatever it is that will bring you happiness, success and peace in 2011. Dare to imagine what it will look like, sound like and feel like, because the more sensory qualities you explore, the more real it feels. Many athletes visualise themselves winning before they run a race to create beliefs in the mind that condition the physical state of the body. So visualise and then make a list of your life goals for 2011 and then read them back everyday to help you…

2. Believe Cognito Ergo Sum – I think therefore I am. Thank you Descartes for this philosophical statement! Buddha also had his fingers on the pulse of this law: ‘All that we are is the sum of all we have thought.’ Basically, what we think, we become. So even when you are not talking, monitoring your thoughts and beliefs, making sure they are consistent with what you want to create and achieve is important.  By design, they sculpt the way you feel and shape your success. When you believe you will succeed in winning the horse-trials, confirming 20 client bookings, signing the deal on the new house, you are telling your internal-world that you will. This generates feelings, emotions and physically changes your actions (and the vibes or energetic vibrations) that express this to your outside world. Which means you are far more likely to…

3. Receive. Whatever it is that you want to happen, you need to feel you can, will and are able to receive it so affirm that you can, will and deserve to! Everyone deserves success and happiness. You have begun by becoming aware of limiting beliefs – so keep choosing new and better beliefs that support you and making the choices that line you up with what you are asking for, to become a real, living truth. Repeat the following and see how you feel differently:

  • I just can’t see how 20 new clients are going to happen in the next 10 weeks.
  • I have no idea how, yet by staying open to opportunities it may just be possible, that 20 new clients are going to happen in the next 10 weeks

Say these two sentences again and see how you feel in your body, how does your muscle tension change? What other thoughts come up in your mind?

The more relaxed you can become about the possibility (and probability!) of receiving your wishes for 2011, the more open you become mentally, physically and spiritually, to opportunities and possibilities that help you reach your goals. This helps you feel more in tune with your unconscious mind – that brilliant self-management that is going on all the time and tunes you in to those synchronicities and coincidences that help fast-track your achievements.

Have a very Happy, healthy and inspirational 2011 and enjoy fresh focus for a fabulous beginning.

Larah is running a workshop about Visioning the year ahead to create happiness and success with visualisations,life coaching, energising yoga, vision boards and soul food on January 8, 2011 in Ibiza. Contact or call +34 670 248 292 for more information.