Ibiza’s World Cup watching hotspots

Don’t let your Ibiza holiday lifestyle get in the way of catching all the world cup action – see our guide to the best places in Ibiza to watch every match, without missing out on any island fun!


Life-sized broadcasts

When watching the big game on a big screen, you’ll need to keep your strength up to show your support. Deep within the exotic temple-like surroundings is one of the island’s best kept world cup secrets – Bambuddha Grove is showing the football on a life-sized big screen in the Siam Bar, so you can feel as though you’re right there on the sidelines… albeit with delicious sushi and cocktails rather than warm beer and a meat pie!


Big screens on the beach

While the idea of big screens on the beach is just a little too tacky for Ibiza (no matter what the guys might say!) there is still a way you can check the scores from your sunbed – you just have to know where to go. Head to Jockey Club in Las Salinas or Nassau Beach Club in Playa D’en Bossa, where both have big screens conveniently positioned so you can multi-task your sunbathing with your soccer-watching!


Flamenco flavoured football

Rather than get home and admit to watching nothing but football for the duration of your Ibiza holiday, embrace the local culture and fuse some flamenco with your footy! It may sound impossible, but the good folk at Boutique Hostal Salinas have got it sorted – traditional tapas, jugs of sangria and the very finest Flamenco performers on the terrace, with a big screen TV in close range to you can keep an eye on both lots of action!


Score at sunset

The iconic Ibiza sunset is an essential part of any holiday, but what about when that perfect moment as the sun dips into the sea happens to coincide with the match of the day? Never fear, Café Mambo and Savannah are here, meaning you can keep one eye on the sunset and the other on the scoreboard on the plasma screen TVs in each bar – or in the very least, pretend you’re interested in the sunset…


Cross-cultural highlights

If your time in Ibiza is limited, but you don’t want to risk missing that vital match for a spot of sightseeing, we’ve discovered the perfect way to kill three birds with one stone! Take a seat by the water at the beautiful new News Café, in the brand new Marina Ibiza complex, where you can simultaneously take in the stunning views of the UNESCO world heritage listed old town of Dalt Vila, marvel at the million-dollar yachts moored in the port in front of you all the while watching the game on one of three big screen TVs. No tour guides required!


World Cup workout

No matter what kind of six-pack the football has you yearning for, the team at Santa Eulalia’s M Wellness have got you covered. Watch the game on big screens upstairs while snacking on special healthy world cup menus or opt for checking the highlights in between sets in the weights room, sprints on the treadmill or quick sessions on the power plate!


Home-away-from-home comforts

There are days in Ibiza when you want to be social and there are days (like the days after!) when you’d prefer to just watch the game from the privacy of your own home. Being on holidays makes that a little tricky, however clever football fanatic travelers know the benefits of booking a hotel which screens each and every game in its own private bar. Grab a sunbed by the pool at Hotel Es Vive, order some comfort food and a hair of the dog, then settle in for the game… at least you can slink back to bed easily if your team lose!