IMS opening party: 28/05/08

They said the International Music Summit was all about business, but when Miss W received an invitation to the opening soiree at her favourite Agroturismo, Atzaro, she couldn’t help but wonder whether the business all the PR material had been referring to was the business of throwing a party!

But seeing that this is the business Miss W excels at, I certainly won’t complain!

Atzaro – as always – turned on the charm, adapting the décor to suit its music industry clientele with the addition of a giant video screen and sleek Pioneer branded DJ booth. Miss W was particularly impressed with the sounds of Jason Bentley – the perfect chilled accompaniment to the proceedings – well, his music AND a glass of chilled rosé of course!

A very relaxed affair, I suddenly realised that this could well be one of the last times for the next four months that this particular group of people would be gathered together in the same room (though there will be the IMS closing party at Pikes on Friday night) due to the fact that the summer season ‘officially’ kicks off this coming Sunday, at the Space opening fiesta.

So in true Miss W style, I did the rounds and managed to speak to everyone – and by this I mean REAL conversations – before their hectic summer begins and we go back to the routine of waving at each other across a crowded dancefloor!

Given the fact this party was part of a business-related conference, it was all wrapped up by the very civilised hour of midnight. Which was handy really, considering we all had was the opening of Aura to get to, just down the road…


THE GOOD: The amount of talk generated by the forums during the day – the movers and shakers of Ibiza’s club scene aren’t shy in voicing their outspoken opinions – but Miss W thinks that’s a good thing.

THE BAD: Lack of food! While the non-delegates were all making their appearances at around 9pm – early by Ibiza standards – the actual attendees had already left the building in search of sustenance.

THE GOSSIP: A few of the event founders were no-shows at the party. We know it’s been a long week and there are two more days (and hence two more parties) to come, but we thought catching up on beauty sleep happened in winter?