The White Ibiza beach guide explores the unrivalled beauty of this little island’s coastline and why it is still one of its main attractions.

Aguas Blancas
Ibiza beach guide Aguas Blancas
A long stretch of dark golden sand dominated by striking rocky cliffs, Aguas Blancas is a picture perfect example of Ibiza’s unspoiled northeastern coast.
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Ibiza beach guide Benirrás
One of the most talked about beaches of Ibiza, as much for the atmosphere as for the scenery, Benirrás is a medium sized beach with rocky, grainy sand and almost unbelievably clear water.
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Cala Bassa
Ibiza beach guide Cala Bassa
Cala Bassa boasts some of the clearest, cleanest water you’ll ever see in the beaches in Ibiza and the softest golden sand.
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Cala Boix
Ibiza beach guide Cala Boix
After driving through the fragrant pine forest, Cala de Boix is yet another beautiful example of Ibiza’s picturesque eastern coastline.
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Cala Carbo
Ibiza beach guide Cala Carbo
Arriving at Cala Carbo evokes an instant feeling of being on vacation – whether you’re on holiday or merely on your lunch break!
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Cala Codolar
Ibiza beach guide Cala Codolar
The charming, more enclosed of the beaches of Ibiza, Cala Codolar is a secluded beach surrounded by cliffs and nature, with golden, slightly pebbly sand.
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Cala Conta
Ibiza beach guide Cala Conta
Surrounded by gorgeous scenery, including sand dunes and rocky cliffs behind the beach, Cala Conte boasts stunning views of the amazing sunset each night.
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Cala d'en Serra
Ibiza beach guide Cala d'en Serra
Although it’s a relatively small bay, first impressions are monumental - Cala d’en Serra is one of those special beaches of Ibiza that once discovered, is never forgotten.
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Cala d'Hort
Ibiza beach guide Cala d'Hort
Presiding at the bottom of a rolling green hill, just like the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, sits Cala d’Hort, one of the most magical and laidback beaches of Ibiza.
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Cala Gracio
Ibiza beach guide Cala Gracio
Cala Gracio has all the qualities of a pristine, secluded Ibiza beach, with its golden sand and crystal-clear waters – and yet, it’s just minutes from San Antonio.
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Cala Gracioneta
Ibiza beach guide Cala Gracioneta
The pretty little sister to next door neighboring beach Cala Gracio, Cala Gracioneta is a quaint, rustic cove on the island’s west coast that’s small in size yet packed with character.
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Cala Jondal
Ibiza beach guide Cala Jondal
As you drive over the crest leading down towards the exclusive Cala Jondal area, striking turquoise water sparkles beneath the horizon.
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Cala Llenya
Ibiza beach guide Cala Llenya
This pretty little contoured beach with white sand is located within a fragrant valley of pine trees.
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Cala Llonga
Ibiza beach guide Cala Llonga
Cala Llonga retains a slightly retro feel thanks to the quaint plastic fringed umbrellas dotting the sand and the many resort-style restaurants surrounding the beach.
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Cala Mastella
Ibiza beach guide Cala Mastella
Because Cala Mastella is relatively untouched and unspoiled, it retains a very special bohemian-like vibe.
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Cala Moli
Ibiza beach guide Cala Moli
Declared a ‘natural’ beach by the town of San Jose, Cala Moli is a lovely, pebbly cove tucked away from crowds, and lacking in the usual rows of sun loungers, parasols or noisy hotels.
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Cala Nova
Ibiza beach guide Cala Nova
One of the only beaches in Ibiza that can actually lay claim to providing conditions good enough to surf, the dramatic backdrop of Cala Nova is unspoilt and rustic.
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Cala Olivera
Ibiza beach guide Cala Olivera
Refreshingly untouched, Cala Olivera is a serene cove with nothing but crystalline sea, clear skies, clean fresh air and rocky coast as far as the eye can see.
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Cala Pada
Ibiza beach guide Cala Pada
Brimming with Mediterranean charisma, Cala Pada features a long wooden walkway stretching from the shore into the sea, like your personal path to freedom.
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Cala Salada
Ibiza beach guide Cala Salada
A small strip of sand, very few sun beds, and clean turquoise water make Cala Salada a popular choice for those looking to escape the noise, hustle and bustle of San Antonio.
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Cala Saladeta
Ibiza beach guide Cala Saladeta
Cala Saladeta can be spotted from the neighboring bay of Cala Salada, but getting there is a just a wee bit of a challenge in the peak of summer – be prepared to clamber over the rocky divide!
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Cala San Vicente
Ibiza beach guide Cala San Vicente
Cala San Vicente is a long, crescent-moon shaped beach made up of golden sand, crystal waters and a palm-tree lined promenade peppered with resort-style eateries and hotels.
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Cala Tarida
Ibiza beach guide Cala Tarida
One of Ibiza’s most magnificent resorts, Cala Tarida is the longest and widest beach of fine white sand on the island’s west coast.
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Cala Vadella
Ibiza beach guide Cala Vadella
Approaching Cala Vadella is an absolutely spectacular sight – as you snake around the winding road, the first glimpse of the deep blue bay dotted with glam white yachts is amazing.
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Cala Xarraca
Ibiza beach guide Cala Xarraca
One of our favourite beaches in Ibiza on the north of the island, Cala Xarraca is almost a well-kept secret… until now!
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Cala Xuclar
Ibiza beach guide Cala Xuclar
A tiny, horseshoe shaped bay surrounded by rustic fishing huts and crystal clear water.
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Es Cavallet
Ibiza beach guide Es Cavallet
A beautiful long stretch of white sand that is also famously one of Ibiza’s ‘official’ nudist and gay-friendly beaches, Es Cavallet’s appeal lies in its natural beauty.
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Es Codolar
Ibiza beach guide Es Codolar
A long stretch of glossy grey pebbles makes up the shoreline of Es Codolar, situated directly under the fly path to Ibiza’s airport.
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Es Figueral
Ibiza beach guide Es Figueral
The gorgeous, sandy beach of Es Figueral is punctuated by rocky inlets and cliff-faces carved by wind and sea.
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Es Torrent
Ibiza beach guide Es Torrent
Surrounded by beautiful cliffs, Es Torrent is an unspoiled beach made up of mostly pebbles and a very small strip of sand.
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Es Xarcu
Ibiza beach guide Es Xarcu
As you’re driving down the dirt track, the view of the surrounding cliffs, the secluded location plus the scent of the pine trees at Es Xarcu really gives a feel of being totally at one with nature.
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Ibiza beach guide Figueretas
The closest beach to Ibiza’s town centre and old town, Figueretas is a bustling little area that really evokes a Mediterranean holiday feeling.
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Las Salinas
Ibiza beach guide Las Salinas
Quite possibly one of the most iconic of all Ibiza beaches, Las Salinas is a long expanse of soft golden sand surrounded by a nature reserve including sand dunes, pine forests and spectacular salt flats.
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Playa d'en Bossa
Ibiza beach guide Playa d'en Bossa
Clocking in at three kilometres long, Playa d’en Bossa is Ibiza’s longest beach and also one of it’s most famous.
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Playa Niu Blau
Ibiza beach guide Playa Niu Blau
Surrounded by lush green pine trees, the Playa Niu Blau area is popular for hiking and is very family friendly.
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Port des Torrent
Ibiza beach guide Port des Torrent
Blessed with the Caribbean-esque, calm turquoise waters the west of the island is famous for, Port d’es Torrent is somewhat of a hidden gem on the island’s west coast.
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Ibiza beach guide Portinatx
With three beaches making up the area – S’Arenal Gros, S’Arenal Petit and Playa Porto – it seems just one day at the northern haven of Portinatx is never enough!
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Pou des Lleo
Ibiza beach guide Pou des Lleo
The quiet, idyllic beach of Canal d’en Marti (Pou des Lleo) is a pebble-and-sand strewn inlet in the shape of a horseshoe.
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Punta Galera
Ibiza beach guide Punta Galera
One of the most breathtaking sights to behold in Ibiza, Punta Galera is an amazing bay surrounded by stone formations jutting out from the cliffs like large, flat shelves.
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Ibiza beach guide S'Estanyol
A tiny secluded cove surrounded by rocky cliffs and lush green foliage. Park yourself on a sun bed, settle on the sand or get explorative and swim and snorkel around the rocky bay to check out hidden underwater caves.
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S'illot des Rencli
Ibiza beach guide S'illot des Rencli
It may be hard to pronounce, but the tiny, pebbly Ibiza beach S’llot des Rencli is a breathtaking beach that looks like it’s been lifted straight off of a postcard.
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Sa Caleta
Ibiza beach guide Sa Caleta
To discover this hidden paradise, enter along a wooden walkway between two rustic, red cliffs – it literally feels like stepping into another world.
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San Miguel
Ibiza beach guide San Miguel
A sleepy little resort style beach on the north coast of the island, San Miguel feels a bit like the Ibiza beach that time forgot, thanks to its retro style sun loungers and umbrellas.
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Santa Eulalia
Ibiza beach guide Santa Eulalia
Fun in the sun is what this beach is all about, whether swimming, water sports or simply sunbathing.
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Ibiza beach guide Siesta
Locally known as Calo s’Alga or Racó of s’Alga, this quiet little Ibiza beach is adjacent to the Siesta beach resort and is a relaxed alternative to some of the busier beaches of nearby Santa Eulalia.
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Sol d'en Serra
Ibiza beach guide Sol d'en Serra
You get the feeling you’ve discovered a completely private beach at Sol D’en Serra, where a sandy, rocky roadway leads into to a magical tiny cove with incredulous views of the surrounding cliffs.
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Ibiza beach guide Talamanca
Safe, shallow, calm and clear waters are the focal point in the pretty bay of Talamanca, the closest beach in proximity to Ibiza town.
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Ibiza’s beaches are as famous for their variety as for their plenitude. Continuing to delight millions of tourists every year, even after decades of island development, the unrivalled beauty of this little island’s coastline is still one of its main attractions. Whether you are searching for an unspoilt corner of a deserted cala to drift away a quiet and solitary afternoon, or dream of dancing barefoot in the sand with a mojito in one hand to the sounds of a world-famous DJ, there is an Ibiza beach for you as long as you know where to go.

In summer and even winter, most days involve hitting the beach in Ibiza. Sometimes to meet with friends for a leisurely lunch or social afternoon drinks, other times just to soak up those tanning and revitalising rays of sun. Seek out the mattress-topped sun loungers for a truly deep doze under an oversized parasol, and then summon a strapping, tanned waiter or waitress to deliver iced cocktails or beach snacks when desire demands. Or pack up a picnic and look for a road less travelled, where a shady spot under a tree becomes home for the day. Nothing beats scrambling across deserted boat huts to find your own Ibiza beach paradise. Treasure island indeed.

The White Ibiza Beach Guide contains all of our recommendations for blissful Ibiza beach days. Stunning pics give you an idea of what awaits, as well as insider tips from locals, such as what time of day or year is best for each Ibiza beach, and what there is to eat or do once you are there. From the rocky north with its soaring cliffs and rousing waves, to the fun-loving south with its house music vibes and incomparable sunset views, there is an Ibiza beach just right for your mood.