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Inside the Moonk & Figus brand portfolio

Interior and exterior design specialists Moonk & Figus represent a trusted stable of international design brands in Ibiza.

Iconic interior designer David Hicks said: “The best rooms have something to say about the people who live in them.” It’s an ethos that Mauricio Moggia, founder of Ibiza design specialists Moonk & Figus, lives by. Alongside his experienced team, Moggia creates interior and exterior spaces that enhance the individuality of each client while providing comfort and innovation. The most unique thing about this design duo is their humility, an uncommon character trait in other designers. “We don’t want to be rock stars,” says Moggia. “But we do come to projects from an artistic angle.” Ordinary folk look at a table and simply see a table however Moggia and Rauscher see daily life lived in beauty.

As design addicts, the team have honed their skills in spotting excellence, leading to a list of exclusive brands they represent in Ibiza. “We never think of things in terms of money or stature,” says Moggia. “It’s always about the work.” Strolling through the Moonk & Figus indoor and outdoor showroom is akin to wandering through a grand art gallery. At every turn, there is something that makes you go ahhh. Italy has long been a source of high-quality furniture with several brands on heavy rotation on the Moonk & Figus design playlist here in Ibiza. Bonaldo was established in 1936, producing work that culminated in several award-winning designs and concepts. It was Bonaldo that introduced the world to the sofa-bed, followed by the Piu folding chair, the Pierrot sofa, the Poly chair and five seminal table designs; Big Table, Still, Octa and Tracks with Alain Gilles’ Mass Table becoming an instant classic. “Bonaldo is an essential component to almost all of our designs,” says Moggia. “The quality and variety are outstanding and the aesthetic is perfect for Ibiza.”

Pirelli engineer Carlo Barassi founded Arflex in 1947, working closely with famed architect Marco Zanuso to experiment with foam, rubber and elastic. The list of classic designs from this company is too numerous to mention; suffice to say that many of their pieces are on show in some of the world’s top galleries including MoMA in New York. A Moonk & Figus favourite is the Marenco sofa designed by Mario Marenco. Its revolutionary tubular frame creates a deliciously curvaceous surface that sits beautifully in Ibiza’s whitewashed villas. One of the all-time darlings of Moonk & Figus is Zanotta. With their designs featured in art museums across the world, Zanotta has always taken an experimental approach to manufacturing and culture often reinvigorating traditional Italian crafts and promoting handmade processes, working with the worlds best architects, artists and designers.

“Zanotta is one of our favourite brands,” says Moggia. “We love to use their pieces in our work. It’s a real honour to represent them in Ibiza.” Japanese designer Shiro Kuramata has long collaborated with Italian house Cappellini. He’s best known for his towers of curving drawers among other iconic pieces. Paola Navone, another Cappellini designer, approaches everything from tableware to sofas with an artist’s sensibility. Her Ghost series of beds, armchairs and sofas are probably her most recognisable work but her eclectic taste and humour are what appeals most to the Moonk & Figus aesthetic, fitting perfectly with Ibiza style. “Everything from this brand is unique,” says Moggia. “Cappellini is highly significant in the design world.”


It’s an unfortunate fact that exterior spaces are often designed as an afterthought and not as an essential extension of lifestyle. Focus is placed on the interiors, with the outdoors left to a few scatterings of sun beds and forlorn hammocks. In Ibiza however, most of the year is lived outside and a Moonk & Figus exterior is akin to creating a whole other living space. Taking full advantage of the natural beauty and climate, Moggia and his team have established themselves at the pinnacle of outdoor design, creating a homogenous flow from the interior to exterior. Belgian brand Tribù is another of the company’s most loved design houses. “Tribù creates outdoor furniture of incredible quality,” says Moggia. “Their style fits seamlessly with the Ibiza lifestyle and the natural beauty of the island.”

In addition, Spanish brand Vondom is considered one of the most innovative design firms in Europe, providing a highly varied catalogue featuring the world’s most exciting designers such as Karim Rashid, Fabio Novembre, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada and Ramon Esteve available through Moonk & Figus here in Ibiza. Gandía Blasco is a brand with deep roots in Ibiza. Founder José Gandía Blasco has a home on the island and finds inspiration in the culture, people and design traditions. Positioned as one of Europe’s best outdoor furniture designers, Moonk & Figus consider their work in aluminium to be perfect for Ibiza’s minimalist looks. British brand Gloster brings the warmth of teak to their exterior furniture offering a thoroughfare between island traditions and modern aesthetics while Unopiu out of Italy is another high-end exterior design brand with 40 years of experience in creating outdoor lifestyles.

One of the most exciting trends to surface in the interior design world is the return of wallpaper. Moonk & Figus are masters of using wall coverings in their Ibiza projects to convey spaciousness and perspective positioning a room within a larger context, like a vignette within a more complex story. Wall & Decò founder Christian Benini started his career as a photographer enlarging graphics for use in the studio never imagining that it would morph into a global trend. Trailblazers in the field, Wall & Decò produce papers for use on internal and external walls including a WET System specifically for bathrooms.

Cole & Son is a wallpaper manufacturer with roots going back to 1875. A British sensibility runs throughout the design process at this heritage company sporting a Royal Warrant. Their bespoke service is especially valuable for Ibiza, offering personalised designs. French company Élitis has a very modern take on wall coverings and is another Moonk & Figus favourite. “Élitis really works with texture and colour to create a story,” says Moggia. Head designer Patrice Marraud des Grottes’ obsession with Mediterranean islands makes this brand perfect for Ibiza. Brands need to jump through a lot of hoops to become part of the Moonk & Figus stable, proving they value integrity, excellence and service while fitting the artistic spectrum of the company’s ethos. Decades of experience and an uncompromising outlook have allowed Moonk & Figus to compile a reliable list of Ibiza collaborators who share the same quest – quality, beauty, form and function.