Jade Jagger presents Full Moon Party at Blue Marlin: 07/07/09

One of the things about parties in Ibiza is that sometimes things happen v-e-r-y last minute. And tonight, as the full moon was rising, news of full moon party after full moon party after full moon party started to circulate across the island – but the major buzz was all about Jezebel, and for those who don’t know, that’s Ibiza fashion icon Jade Jagger’s fashion and music label, presenting the first of a series of full moon parties at Cala Jondal hotspot Blue Marlin.

So off to Blue Marlin it was (after a brief stop off at Nassau, Delano and KM5 – tough life huh?), with Miss W and the White-ettes arriving at the fashionably late hour of 12am, just in time to catch the man of the hour DRW (aka boyfriend-of-Jagger Dan Williams), come onto the decks inside the newly revamped Blue Marlin interior as a Michael Jackson film clip got the attention of the masses enticing revellers from outside to indoors.

Meanwhile, mild mannered sushi chefs were slicing and dicing plenty of plates and the Grey Goose vodka was being passed around in ultra glamorous ice buckets and the finest French champagne was fizzing and bubbling everywhere one looked! Of course, being a school night Miss W was hesitant to indulge – but then again, my arm has always been very easily twisted!

In the crowd, Miss W spied plenty of local faces (it’s nice to know the support crew is still there in summer!), a few newbie well-connected tourists and some unfamiliar faces who I must say were dressed to the absolute nines! And of course, Jade Jagger herself, resplendent in purple (or was it blue? The jury is still out!) swanned about like the perfect host, once again proving why she is an island fashion icon… that effortless hair! That smooth tanned skin! How does she do it I often ask myself? Rhetorically of course…

I had fashion envy with about half the crowd, which means a shopping spree is definitely on the cards this weekend, and hair envy with those lucky enough to still sport silky smooth locks in the ridiculous humidity we’re having though I must say I did not have mosquito envy when I heard about the large variety causing havoc on the water’s edge!


THE GOOD: A full moon is always magical, and gazing out at it as it illuminates the Mediterranean sea makes it even more special. We’re looking forward to the next instalment of Jezebel Full Moon Parties – and next time we’ll come early and book a VIP table for dinner to make the most of the stunning location!

THE BAD: Missing all the Jezebel fashion action – my invitation said the action all took place from midnight, so of course I was just a tad late… only to discover from my good friends at Smack Makeup that the show had commenced at 11.30pm – shame!

THE GOSSIP: Was it just me or were there a lot of cars leaving Blue Marlin early? Was it a case of too many full moon parties, too little time? I remember the days of the inside room being so crowded the windows fogged up and there was a queue to get in at 3am. But then again, this is fashion sweetie…