Japanese Cultural Week wrap-up: 07/02/09

I’m turning Japanese, I think I’m turning Japanese, I really think so…

That’s the tune that’s been on high rotation in Miss W’s head this week, the second annual Japanese Cultural Week in Ibiza. The seven-day program dotted with kitsch events and quirky workshops was enough to make me dig out my finest kimono (well, kimono-inspired outfit anyway) and get involved.

Starting with a contemporary dance performance – Butoh is the official name and I guess the best way to describe it is as a Japanese modern ballet interpretation. It was certainly something we don’t see on the podiums at Pacha in the summer!

Next up, a Manga flick (I love the amazing animation, even if I can’t always follow the storyline) followed by master classes in sushi making at Ibiza hotspot, sushipoint. After two days of lessons, I think Miss W can safely say that she’d prefer to leave this particular art to the professionals.

Sadly, Friday night’s dance spectacular in the Dalt Vila Cathedral was rained out, which meant early doors at Grial for Does Ya Mama Know (‘We’ve got Japanese Friends!’ their gorgeous Geisha girl emblazoned flyer declared).

With beautiful oversized folding fans, paper lanterns and sprigs of almond blossom hanging from the roof, a dash (or four) of sake plus the rain-sodden performers (who at one point decided the actual bar was the perfect space to dance, instruments and all) Grial became Ibiza’s very own little Tokyo for the night.

The grand finale? The closing party at Pacha’s El Hotel, presented by HOVI VJ Club. A room that can sometimes appear a little clinical white space became a buzzing hive of full of TV screens and techie-looking equipment, churning out a fusion of music and super cool visuals, inspired by Japanese culture. By midnight, the bar was overflowing and Miss W thought it was the perfect time slip away unnanounced….

I mean, you wouldn’t want me to turn into an origami pumpkin would you?


THE GOOD: The chance to become completely immersed in another culture for a week, without even having to leave the island.

THE BAD: The crazy kooky weather the world has been experiencing this week has even affected ibiza, as we were hit with a week of unpredictable high winds and flash storms, which didn’t bear well for the outdoor events planned.

THE GOSSIP: The promotional flyer for the closing party spoke of inspiring Japanese fashion, however Miss W isn’t quite sure you could call the choice of matching head-to-toe red ensembles of audio visual producers FR4M3 particularly inspired. Even though the duo have recently returned from a trip to the place in question, we’re pretty sure this is NOT a direct nod to the streets of Harajuku…