Joga Beats Ibiza Yoga Retreat, 8-15 May 2014

Joga Beats Ibiza Yoga Retreat

About the Ibiza yoga retreat: If you need to recharge, cut loose, dance, play, chill your boots and let your inner magic unwind and unleash itself back to nature, this week-long break will provide the lift you need to re-connect and create a new synergy and energy within your body.

Dynamic JoGa Beats sessions and Vinyasa flow classes will take place in the mornings. The evenings will have a more restorative and relaxed sunset flow to ground you and wind you down for bedtime in our beautiful Casa Solara, as well as a variety of sound workshops, dance and meditation.

A mix of yogi challenges will be provided for all levels and we will roll with the ebb and flow of your needs during the week, creating time for you to listen to your bodies needs – something you don’t get time for back home.

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