Just Stop! Yoga & Life Coaching Retreat, 23 – 27 March 2014

Just Stop! Yoga & Life Coaching Retreat

About this Ibiza Yoga & Life Coaching Retreat: Rejuvenate your body, unwind your mind and refuel your energy…

Are you… burned out? Tired out? Stressed out? In need of change… or new inspiration to get your energy flowing again?

Just Stop! is an exclusive personalised 5-day lifestyle detox yoga retreat with Rebekah Fensome (Life Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist) and Larah Davis (Wellbeing Consultant and founder of Ibiza Retreats). Both are yoga instructors to also ensure plenty of support for your practice.

Just Stop! Retreats are a unique blend of yoga, life coaching, holistic wellness, delicious, nutritious seasonal soul-food and gentle hosting and facilitation at your own pace… in your own way… keep it light and lively or feel free to reflect and search for deeper meaning.

We welcome you to Just Stop! And rejuvenate for a total mind-body-spirit refuel.