Amber Developments – Ibiza fincas are their forte

In the heart of the island, three English gentlemen happily reside in a beautifully renovated, traditional Ibicenco finca, one of the latest projects expertly managed by Gray Gillot of Amber Developments.

Only last summer, the three residents fell in love with the rustic charms of a 250-year old finca, Can Bernat Tomas, which was situated next to their existing home, and bought it. Their vision was to upgrade the tired and run down three-bedroom, one-bathroom property into a stunning four-bedroom, three-bathroom dream finca with a sunset terrace and all the mod cons, whilst retaining the building’s original charm and character. Not an easy task to complete in the proposed time frame of six months, and on budget, but luckily a local property agent friend knew just the company for the job – Amber Developments.

With fincas as his forte, Gray is passionate about restoring charming but dilapidated Ibicenco properties, bringing them up to date and within high-end modern living standards, whilst still keeping their existing features and charms. “I like to use all traditional detailing and design concepts when working with fincas while introducing modern and current infrastructures and contemporary living standards to meet the needs of clients’ everyday expectations,” he says sincerely. “I believe in working with the building and its original structure to maintain its integrity.”

Under Gray’s strict supervision, the original stone floors were kept, and complemented with additional new floor finishes; the traditional wooden ceiling beams, known as sabinas remain, and natural ‘cal paint’ was used for the interior walls, which is breathable and in-keeping with the existing design and materials. One of the highlights is the transformation of an original stone corral into a deluxe bedroom with ensuite bathroom. To maintain the original outhouse exterior – yet ensuring guests didn’t bang their heads on the low ceiling – the team dug down into the floor to raise the ceiling height and create a feeling of space.

Gray is an expert in the field of understanding the practicalities of these old buildings: from how to regulate heat and humidity to enhancing their best assets. “It’s a fine art; design features like the small windows – originally created to reduce the heat – make the rooms dark,” he explains. “But there are certain tricks, such as skylights, which can be used to make the rooms feel light and airy, whilst keeping the original features.”

The Can Bernat Tomas project was zipped up within a speedy six months, with Gray working with the client from the conceptual design stage, to finalising the design, contract and tender, and overseeing the build. For this project, Gray contracted Terravita Building Division for the first time (he has been working with the landscaping division for 15 years) and hired additional specialists for key areas. The building division is headed up by Julian Watson Todd, who has the same ethos of working with and enhancing original buildings as his own.

Like all Amber Developments projects, the finished finca is a masterpiece that completely complements the clients’ style – and stunning art collection – whilst paying homage to the simple finca. The owners fell so in love with the property they will move in whilst working on their next project with Amber Developments – watch this space!