Art Ibiza 15 – Featured Artist: Anna Guseva

Contemporary Russian artist Anna Guseva’s work features an instantly-recognisable and solid visual motif which runs throughout her paintings and graphic works. The goose, as well as connected with her surname, she says, has become a kind of lucky charm – a protective device, a tool of artistic self-discovery and self-development.

Living and working in Moscow where she has exhibited many times and recently published a book, Guseva Anna Art Book, Guseva experiments with different techniques,  and her work maintains a humorous element aligning herself with recent trends in modern art. The goose appears in many shapes and forms and her explorations of pattern and colour are a joy to see.

This summer Anna and her geese come to Art Ibiza 15 – a new contemporary art fair bringing together collectors, curators and emerging and experienced exhibitors alike between September 3 to 6, 2015 where you will have the exclusive opportunity to view and purchase her modern pop art-inspired work.

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