Ibiza living: Meet the Blakstad team – Alfredo Cirelli, architect & interior designer

Architect and interior designer Alfredo Cirelli permanently relocated to Ibiza from Italy following a chance meeting with Blakstad Design Consultants Head of Design Rolf Blakstad in early 2015. He was given the opportunity to join the team at the top-tier architecture and design firm on the white isle – a career move that was too good to pass up.

Hailing from the small town of Teano just outside of Naples, Italy, Alfredo’s relationship with design began back in school, where he studied architecture at the University of Genoa, followed by the Polytechnic University of Milan. “I went on to work as a freelance design architect for various luxury Italian fashion brands and was in charge of the design shops and showrooms. From 1998 until 2014 I worked in architecture and interior design in Italy and across the French Rivera.”

Today the designer plays a key role within the Blakstad Design Consultants firm. “I work primarily on renovation projects,” he explains. “The ideal situation for me is when I have the opportunity to work with Rolf on the project of a house designed and built many years ago by his father Rolph, as these projects give me a great sense of satisfaction and pride.”

“Working in an environment of highly qualified, professional and creative people,” says Alfredo, when asked of his favourite element to his work. “The incredible work ethic of our team paired with the expert leadership of Rolf Blakstad always guarantees a high-quality result. Our tradition and modernity, technology, research and keeping up to date with new materials and new techniques allows us to stay ahead and put all of our knowledge into each project.”

Alfredo’s work experience with Blakstad Design Consultants has led him to believe in the numerous opportunities available to renovate in Ibiza. “I am convinced that the restructuring projects are a great opportunity in a world where legislation and licensing limits for new buildings is becoming increasingly difficult,” he says. “We can achieve excellent results with our restructuring projects, giving new life and style to existing buildings.”

Whether Alfredo is working on a redesign or the restructuring of a new project, his love for Ibicenco architecture and its unique characteristics shines through passionately. Joining the iconic Blakstad Design Consultant team has allowed him the perfect opportunity to understand an original and unique way of designing architecture while contributing his vast experience towards the ancient traditions which Blakstad’s architecture is influenced by.

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