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A composite of simplicity, form and function, architecture in Ibiza has always had its base in serving a purpose rather than providing beauty. But it is in this servile role that the modern eye discovers pattern and detail, where meaning is brought to shape and beauty is a wonderful by product. Whether it be in the ancient geometry of the miles of dry stone walls or the huge hard wood Sabina beams holding up a roof insulated with dry seaweed, the stories and needs of Ibiza’s inhabitants inform every aspect of its built environment.

This theme of providing both solutions and beauty to everyday life is alive and well in today’s thriving architectural industry in Ibiza. But to the untrained client, getting ready to dive into the complex world of property development in Ibiza, how do you know which architect is right for you? Finding your perfect match in terms of ethos and philosophy is as important as sharing a vision of style – meet Ibiza’s finest, and find your perfect match.

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