Behind Blakstad

In 1951, 21-year old Canadian history buff, painter and filmmaker Rolph Blakstad received a scholarship to study painting anywhere in the world. He chose Florence, Italy and headed off on an amazing life journey that ultimately led him to the white isle. In 1967, he founded Blakstad Design Consultants, which went on to become one of Ibiza’s most successful architectural companies.

Today, the next generation of the Blakstad family is at the helm of the business, headed up by son Rolf Blakstad as head of design. All the Blakstad action takes place in the stunning San Carlos design studio – a purpose-built passion project that Rolph dedicated much time and love to, beginning in the mid-80s and continuing to evolve in line with the business as time goes on.

The design of the entire building is based on traditional Ibicenco architecture – the Blakstad specialty – but what is evident from the outset, is that this is no ordinary Ibiza farmhouse, having been based on the measurements of the Temple of Solomon as described in the Old Testament. Rolph originally came to Ibiza because it represented a very ancient culture and the earliest architecture on the planet, and it was within this project he could indulge his greatest architectural fantasies.

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