Go-go-gadget villa

You know those late night conversations you have with your mates about the best inventions you never built? Where you identify one small missing piece of tech that could change lives and then just a few months later you see your invention for sale? It’s no longer about keeping up with the Joneses – now technology is the new religion, it’s all about being one step (or click) ahead. We’ve got the lowdown on the must-have gadgets to get you there…

Home DJ system

The XDJ-RX from Pioneer is a must have for your Ibiza pad. It’s got a huge, central LCD screen and a standard club layout. The tactile pads means you can freestyle and best of all it comes ready to connect with rekordbox either by USB or app so there is no need to juggle a laptop or bother with CDs. And if you get your creative groove on you can record directly onto a USB. Bring. The. Noise.

Living Magazine

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