The princess and the pea

A long time ago on a far away enchanted island, surrounded by sparkling turquoise seas, lived a beautiful Balearic princess. She was a very busy princess with balls to attend almost every night and teas, lunches, brunches and openings where her presence and wit was expected. One balmy night the princess stayed out until the sun rose when she realised that her coachman had gone missing and she had no way of finding her way home. Walking desolately along dusty roads she came across a charming villa.

Unbeknownst to her, the villa belonged to a handsome prince. As he opened the door their eyes locked; it was love at first sight. Looking somewhat dishevelled from her night out the princess insisted on sleeping before anything else. Of course, the prince obliged and presented her with a beautiful room. After hours of tossing and turning she threw back the covers and stomped out.

“Why are you leaving me my love?” called the prince.

“I cannot be expected to sleep in that bed. It is not fit for a princess!”

She slammed the door on her way out. The prince, being both charming and smart, picked up the phone to call Lotus about a new bed.

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