Ibiza living: Jasserie Apartamento – Balearic lifestyle and design

Beautiful interior lifestyle brand Jasserie Apartamento has popped up on a quaint corner in Ibiza’s old town to present an-all new home décor and design concept. Drawing on the existing craft on the island and taking inspiration from Ibiza Grupo 59; an avant-garde collective of creatives who flocked to the island during the 50s and 60s – the pop-up showroom is the first and only of its kind to redefine Balearic style through traditional artisanal pieces remade with a luxurious, modern twist.

The brain behind Jasserie Apartamento is interior designer John Teyssier. He’s worked with top tier design firms such as Christian Liagre of Paris, where he learnt the importance of building strong relations with local artisans. “It’s about connecting the land to the furniture, stripping back and giving meaning to our surroundings,” he explains. After visiting Ibiza for the first time in its winter season and being swept away by her rustic and simplistic beauty, the designer set out to discover the island’s rich creative history and to uncover the many local artisans that still exist and work on the island today.

Realising many of the island’s contemporary interior design elements take inspiration from India and Indonesia, John felt fewer people were curating the great collections that already existed on the island, and because the talent is so fruitful here, it’s important to carry on the tradition of reconnecting with the island’s unique treasures. “We are trying to tell a story that is very honest with the island, rather than buying a whole bunch of stuff from across the world that is irrelevant to Ibiza,” John explains of the Jasserie Apartamento concept. “We are taking a beautiful local product, readapting it and putting a luxurious modern twist on it – it would be a shame not to explore this.”

Upon stepping into the intimate, gorgeous showroom, one is met with a small preview of what’s to come in the collection. Classy pieces such as a post modern coffee table inspired by Erwin Broner’s work, 50s inspired armchairs with traditional cordwork, luxurious, chic island wear such as organic Italian linen in a variety of colours and a locally designed gold-plated jewellery collection of statement earrings.

Also available in the showroom are earthy tapestries in the forms of pillows, sheets and duvet covers, terracotta plate ware, breathtaking wall ceramics in addition to handwoven rugs accented with aloe vera and cactus greens. “Balearic style is a mix of genres,” John explains of the eclectic mix. “But it is still so intimately connected from artwork to furniture to the way you dress – it can go many ways.”

Clients are welcome to peruse the collections to outfit their home, finca or villa with a single, extraordinary piece or are invited to enlist the design firm as the primary designer for their project. For now, Jasserie Apartamento is unique and beautiful pop-up shop showcasing the true beauty of Ibiza through its many facets of design while it scours the island in search of its permanent future home.

The Jasserie Apartamento pop-up showroom is open from Monday to Saturday from 11am to 1pm and again from 7pm to 10pm and Sundays from 11am to 1pm. The apartment is subtly located on Comte de Rossello, 1B, apt 1B, beneath the arches of Italian restaurant Super Tuscan. Simply press the buzzer marked ‘J’ and step into a world of timeless Balearic style.

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