Christmas at CoCoq – Katrina Phillips Ibiza

“I love Christmas,” declares interior designer Katrina Phillips. “It comes from my dad – he made Christmas so special, he was so good at it. I love everything about it, and I still believe in Father Christmas. I refuse not to believe!”

With this passion for the holidays, it’s no surprise Ibiza’s queen of interior decorating has transformed both her beautiful store on the road to Santa Eulalia, and her special front-of-store presentation space in the huge CoCoq showroom, into a beautifully bohemian Christmas paradise. And as with all of Katrina’s projects, each and every decoration and gift has a story, and helps the people who created it, becoming a high-quality heirloom to be passed down through the family for many generations.

“I work with about 10 fair trade workshops in India each year, who hand make decorations for me and I also buy from other ethical sources and a village who specifically make bells for us,” she says of the stylish decoration selection, which also includes beautiful hanging metal stars, hearts and angels made from recycled materials which perfectly reflect Ibiza’s natural aesthetic.

“They are authentic and well-made, but feel quite rustic and beautiful. They’re not just limited to Christmas – you could hang many of them in your villa all year round if they’re not on a tree.”

Speaking of trees, Katrina believes “Absolutely everything should go on the tree! Fruit, chocolate, decorations – everything!”

Both her beautiful showrooms are chock-full of sparkly, shiny, glossy, beautiful, wonderful things – whether you choose to spoil yourself and your home with lovely new things at Christmas time, or if you make a list for all the people who’ve been nice (and maybe even a few who’ve been naughty) and then pick them up a gift, there really is something to suit everyone. Clothes, crystals, fossils, jewellery, candle holders, candles, lamps, blankets, art, trinkets, ceramics, artefacts, furnishings, cushions, handmade cards – it’s a veritable stylish Santa’s treasure trove.

But you’ll need to be quick. Katrina describes her Christmas décor like a harvest. “We work with the fair trade organisations a year in advance to order everything we want to have made, then it arrives bit by bit and is so popular it sells out really quickly. The angels go flying out from the minute I hang them up.” She catches herself on this last statement and laughs. “Did I just say that?”

Helping people – be they in a village in India making decorations, a young woman seeking shelter in her store one Christmas eve or a forgetful hubby who’s forgotten to buy his wife a gift – is in Katrina’s nature, and she sees it as her duty to remain open last on Christmas Eve, to help whoever the universe sends her way. “Everything I do is done with love,” says this real life angel. “Christmas is so important to me.”