Ibiza cactus collections at La Galeria Elefante

La Galeria Elefante founder and designer Victoria Durrer-Gasse has a long-standing love affair with wild Mediterranean fauna – in particular, the many varieties of cactus found dotted all over Ibiza’s lush landscapes – from the seaside, to the heart of the campo. This season’s collections in La Galeria Elefante draw heavily on the cactus for inspiration, resulting in a range of pieces spanning homewares, fashion, jewellery and even art.

“Yes, I’ve done a lot with the cactus this year,” laughs Victoria, as she guides us through a tour of the beautiful concept store. “It’s just so Ibiza.” First stop is the plush cushion room, where a scatter of cushions resplendent with beaded and subtly sequinned cacti are the product of a close collaboration between Victoria and SEWA, the Self Employed Women’s Association in India. Bearing the words ‘Besos de Ibiza’ (kisses from Ibiza), the beautiful miniature cushions are the perfect gift or statement piece to add to your own sofa, no matter where in the world you may call home.

Moving into the wonderful walk-in wardrobe style room that makes up Victoria’s fashion boutique within La Galeria, Victoria pulls a soft swathe of silk from a ladder to display the bespoke cactus digital print she designed – exclusive to La Galeria Elefante and 100-percent inspired by Ibiza. The print is available in the scarf form, that doubles perfectly as a sarong, or works as a wall hanging, or also as a beautiful, light dress that falls elegantly on the body, accentuating the figure and perfect for Ibiza afternoons in the campo.

In the accessories cabinet at the front of the store is a range of cactus inspired jewellery including textured rings, floating pendants, quirky earrings and more. And last but not least, is the beautiful cactus print card, designed by Victoria – a beautiful addition to any home and one without any prickles!