La Galeria Elefante Kids Room – Parents keep out!

We get it. It’s boring when mum and dad take you shopping while you’re on holidays. You’d rather be playing, or at the beach, or even watching TV than waiting outside a changeroom while mum tries on ANOTHER (admittedly beautiful) dress in Victoria’s boutique, or while dad drools over (actually pretty cool) outdoor furniture in the new courtyard at La Galeria Elefante. But thankfully for little shoppers, the team behind La Galeria Elefante remember exactly what this experience was like (after all, they’re still just big kids themselves) and have created an entire room full of goodies for you to have your very own Ibiza shopping experience.

Chock full of cool retro games – perfect if there’s a rainy day while you’re here on holiday, or great for the plane ride home – like poker sets, snakes and ladders, magic sets, pick-up sticks, bubble guns, X-ray vision goggles, playing cards, building blocks and way more cool stuff, there’s something for kids of all ages in the kidso-only zone. Stickers, tattoos, letter writing kits, stuffed toys, colouring books, paintings… you’ll never get bored.

Realistically, most kids will need to break the no-parent rule in order to ensure they can get the toys of their choice paid for by the cash register, so there are also some kids clothes, amazing hand-painted kids bedroom furniture, artwork, lights and more decor strategically placed inside the room so mum and dad will want to poke their noses in too!