Ibiza living: La Galeria Elefante – Sign of the times

Quirky, funny, inspirational, irreverent – if you’re looking for a sign, La Galeria Elefante is the place to shop. Artfully gracing the walls of the stylish concept store both inside and out are a variety of bespoke decorative signs exclusive to the Santa Gertrudis shopping hotspot. You’ll just need to find the one that speaks to you most!

Dreamed up by La Galeria Elefante’s creative owner Victoria Durrer-Gasse, these custom made signs are all hand made and rage from hand-painted timber to colourfully bejewelled mosaics – perfect to add a splash of colour to the kitchen, an element of fun to a child’s bedroom, a positive vibe to a living space or a dash of humour to an outdoor space.

The hand-painted wooden signs are colourful, rustic and whimsical – just waiting to be hung in the right home. Do you know a ‘Drama queen’ or a have a space where ‘We’re all mad here’, Alice in Wonderland style? Perhaps you’ve ‘Run away with the fairies’ or ‘Gone to the beach’, or maybe you ‘Scream for ice cream’. There’s the foreboding yet funny ‘Warning! Children left unattended will be sold to the circus’ and for those who can’t find the quite the right sentiment, ‘Supercalafragalisiticexpialadocious’ will always be appropriate.

The amazing mosaic signs are an extension of the original ‘Peace’ sign Victoria handmade for her own personal collection, and now encompass peace, magic, a very cool ampersand and the naughty yet often popularly appropriate (expletive alert!) ‘Fuck it’. There’s a time and a place for every sign after all…

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