There’s no place like home: La Galeria Elefante

Ibiza is synonymous with outdoor living and if you’re looking to give your own alfresco space a refresh this summer, the place to visit is La Galeria Elefante on the road to Santa Gertrudis. Whether you’re a lover of sleek and chic, or whimsical fairytale style, you just need to duck your head through the little doorway behind the counter then step outside into Ibiza’s very own version of Oz…

From the moment you glimpse it through the dark finca room, the technicolour pieces are enough to make you feel like Dorothy as she stepped out of the cyclone. Lions and tigers and bears? Oh no! In this magical wonderland you’ll find horses for courses (beautiful ornate creations sourced in Asia), birds of a different feather (namely, metal ones) flocking together, eagles, elephants and much more.

Beyond the wacky, whimsical and colourful are also a bunch of practical pieces – floor cushions hailing from India, Nepa, Guatemala and beyond; daybeds just waiting for their place in the sun in Ibiza, ornate mirrors ready to reflect on the action on your terrace, pretty hanging lamps, delicate decorations, scatter cushions, beanbags, decorative doors and so much more.

There’s no cookie cutter approach to decorating at La Galeria Elefante. Something will jump out at you – and when you know, you know. From the minute you arrive, it’s clear you’re somewhere over the rainbow… but as Dorothy says, there’s no place like home – especially if your home is full of décor from La Galeria Elefante.

Munchkins not included.