Ibiza living: Los Otros – The store with it all

Traditionally, Ibiza has a very typical style when it comes to fashion. Think flowing kaftans, bright colours and crocheted beachwear and you’re on the right track. But when Mirjam Leslie-Pringle and Nicolaas Homan opened a brand-new concept store in San Juan, they wanted to bring a little edge to the soporific northern village. So, inspired by their creative instincts and drawing inspiration from stores in their native Amsterdam, they upturned the status quo and unveiled Los Otros, a contemporary space housing an abundance of cool, contemporary clothing, alongside a range of other quirky curio.

“We named the shop ‘The Others’, so of course the idea was to stock fashion brands that move away from quintessential boho style seen in Ibiza,” explains Mirjam. “We like a lot of Scandinavian, Dutch and English brands, so we just wanted something a bit different.” Roam among the rails in the sleekly finished store and you’re bombarded with exactly that – an array of wares from quality brands, each handpicked and curated by Mirjam and Nicolaas themselves. “Essentially, we stock brands we like, and we happen to know a lot of people in this area – so collecting stuff has been a really organic process.”

Before opening Los Otros, Mirjam focused primarily on her role as a writer, photographer and cook, while Nicolaas is a designer specialising in identity development for brands. Since opening the store, they combine it all with running their new project – Los Otros became a professional one-stop shop for them to pour their energies into. “Initially we were just trying to find a nice spot to open a store,” declares Mirjam. “But then this place came up and it was so nice that we decided to just combine everything we did in one place – it sounds romantic but it’s really hard work!”

The couple’s ‘no mess’ attitude is palpable when reflecting on most things, and that makes it easy to understand why a clothing shop, a restaurant and a hair salon all form several parts of the Los Otros whole. “It’s very Dutch to start a concept store,” laughs Mirjam. “But when you come here you’re surprised by what you find, and hopefully that encourages you stay longer to discover what we’re doing.” Indeed, while you’re most likely to see Mirjam buzzing around in the kitchen, you’ll also find her serving in-store, offering advice on how to unearth some undetected treasures.

In terms of womenswear, expect to stumble across the print-inspired opulence of Izuskan alongside cool Dutch brand Amatør, while for men rails are adorned in tactile classics from Farah and organic neutrals from Gray Label. All of these are then intermingled with stylish accessories, vintage trinkets, lacy lingerie and yoga wear, not to mention outfits for chicly kitting out your kids come playtime. There’s also a range of swanky home décor available, something Nicolaas is aiming to grow, in time. “We just try to find new stuff we love,” he explains. “But sometimes things fly off the shelves quicker than we can find them!”

One thing is certainly clear, this talented pair has a keen eye when it comes to style, and their unique aesthetic is being lapped up by well-dressed locals. “The reaction has been really nice so far,” ponders Mirjam. “Especially on Sundays when the San Juan market is on – our terrace is always full.” Indeed, it’s rare that this new hotspot isn’t buzzing. People stop by for coffee, stay for a shop and then squeeze in a haircut – because there’s simply no time to waste when there’s so much to be done.

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