Ibiza living: My Home Ibiza – Premium property management

When you own a property in Ibiza, but aren’t based on the island soil all year round, it’s important to maintain your home from the inside out, to ensure there are no damages, breakages, leaks or any other hidden surprises when you arrive for your precious holiday. My Home Ibiza is a revered Ibiza property management service, run by Ibicenco born and bred partners (and lifelong friends) Toni Guasch and Javier Riera, who take on the responsibilities of ongoing maintenance, repairs, location management and more.

But why do I need a property manager, we hear you thinking, when my holiday home is closed and locked up while I’m away? Surely nothing could go wrong if no one is using anything? Unfortunately, it’s this type of thinking that can lead to a variety of unexpected maintenance issues for property owners, as Ibiza – as wonderful as the island is – comes with her own unique set of issues, from environmental and structural to security and technical. With more than ten years experience professionally managing luxury properties and providing invaluable support to homeowners (combined with a lifetime of ‘real life’ island experience), the meticulously organised team behind My Home Ibiza have a tried and tested series of systems in place to keep your Ibiza villa in perfect condition, for a monthly fee, all year round.

Each home is visited weekly to be opened up and aired out, allowing fresh oxygen to circulate as a fresh set of professional eyes complete a checklist to ensure all household appliances, gadgets and mechanisms – think dishwashers, air con, heating, washing machines, security fences, pool pumps and more – are running well and disinfected where needed. “We don’t wait until things break,” explains Toni. “We have systems to monitor how everything is working, and can advise our owners when we think things will need to be replaced – before a problem is created.”

“It’s important to have continuity on everything in the house, to keep it running smoothly all year,” says Toni. “A regular pool cleaner, gardener, house cleaner and maintenance will keep things running smoothly when you need it.” Just think of your empty home like your car – or even your body. If you don’t use it regularly, it is more likely to break down, become rusty or fall apart. Speaking of cars, My Home Ibiza also ensure your Ibiza vehicles are kept running, turning over the engine regularly and driving them once a month, plus arranging and managing ITV inspections.

In addition to every day maintenance and monitoring, the environment in Ibiza can be extreme. With levels of up to 90-percent humidity in the air in winter, dampness and mould can be recurring problems for villa owners – no matter how new your build may be. My Home Ibiza regularly air and dehumidify their properties, checking for mould, flaking paint, odours or dampness and fixing these before they causes any major damage. When the island experiences major rains (and trust us, when it rains in Spain, it pours mainly on Ibiza) they visit every property, to check for leaks, blocked pipes or drains, damage to the gardens and more. There is also the annual arrival of the ‘red rains’, when dirt from the Sahara covers beautiful white villa walls in red dirt, or the influx of yellow pollen dusting exteriors in early spring. Sustainable, eco-friendly cleaning options are also available when it comes to keeping your villa spick and span.

My Home Ibiza advise their owners on recommended maintenance during the winter months. Having previously worked as a project manager for a local construction company, Toni uses his insider experience to consult on what is needed to keep it running smoothly, inside and out, in addition to collaborating with owners on projects that will make their Ibiza lives easier and more cost effective. Whether it is changing the locks to have one master key for all doors, installing solar panels, adding a children’s playground, relocating a diesel fuel tank used for heating, re-painting, organising a chimney sweep or managing the addition of a new pool or garden, My Home Ibiza has done it all. “Most recently, I found someone to come and tune a piano!” says Toni.

My Home Ibiza are also extremely responsive to emergencies, doing their utmost to guarantee their clients satisfaction and safety. “Once we had a client whose electric security gate broke as they were leaving to go the airport to catch a flight,” recalls Toni. “We were there within 20 minutes, got them out and they made it home.” Then, they got to work on arranging the repairs needed to the gate. When unexpected problems such as this crop up, and for a homeowner who may not speak the language, have the contacts on speed dial and is in a hurry, it can feel overwhelming. With My Home Ibiza on your side, you can rest assured someone will come to save the day!

Toni and his team can also manage property rentals for owners who are not on the ground in Ibiza – though it is important to note, they do not offer concierge services nor act as an agent. But check-ins, property inspections, cleaning and overseeing day-to-day repairs (such as broken Wifi, a green-ish tinge to the pool or replacing boilers – all common problems with Ibiza holiday rentals) can fall under the premium property management service. The business now boasts properties in all corners of the island. From Es Cubells, San Carlos, San Mateo and San Rafael to Jesus and even apartments in Marina Botafoch – there is no property too big or too small to receive their personalised, premium service. Clients too, hail from all over the globe: with a predominantly British base.

Speaking the language – and here on the island that’s mostly Catalan – in addition to understanding the local legalities, regulations and processes is key to a smooth project management service. Speaking fluent English, Toni is perfectly equipped to act as a middle man between suppliers, servicemen, legal professionals and his clients. My Home Ibiza can also help with complicated paperwork (of which there is plenty when you’re buying or renting your property) and deal with insurance if needed. It all comes down to trust. Knowing when to push, when to wait, and how to deal with a variety of people (alongside unlimited patience) is one of Toni’s intrinsic skills.

“It’s not rocket science,” he says humbly, when asked about his work. “But it’s an essential job and it’s never boring! We have to be extremely organised, trustworthy, and have unique programs devised for each property so we know what has to be done, at what time of year, by what member of staff – we keep track of everything.” The company runs like clockwork, meaning in turn, so too does your property. “I get satisfaction knowing when problems are solved and clients are happy.” Over the years, it has been My Home Ibiza’s client testimonials and recommendations that see the business consistently grow. “Whenever I have a new client, I simply ask them to speak to one of my existing clients and then they sign the contract,” says Toni proudly, having never lost a client to this day (read his testimonials here – a testament to the brand’s professional services and skills).

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