Ibiza living: Pure House Ibiza – Putting the ‘boutique’ in hotel

On entering Pure House Ibiza, it’s impossible not to fall immediately in love. Owners Caroline Foraz and Rushan Muca are responsible for the elegant, singular design of this intimate boutique hotel in Ibiza’s south. If it’s not the gorgeous antique Indian daybed on the front porch or the enormous sofas with in-built shelving it will be the garden sculptures, the lighting and the art that grabs you by the heart and makes you want to stay here forever.

Rushan himself has crafted many of the beautiful pieces, many of which are for sale. “From when I was really little I was always doing something creative,” says the Albanian born craftsman. “Then as an adult, I went to Paris where I was finally able to meet the grand masters.” On leaving the constraints of life in Albania, Rushan drank in the art and culture of Western Europe, leading him to a more refined and considered approach to his own creativity.

He works in metal and wood for the moment but has plans to expand into other materials. “My dream is to make bigger pieces for the garden,” he says. It’s not just art that emerges from his mind and hands. “The other name we have for him is MacGyver,” laughs Caroline. “There is not a single thing he cannot find a solution for. Even when so-called professionals give up he always finds a way.”

Incredible art made by friends or collected by the couple on their travels feature throughout Pure House Ibiza. The centrepiece of the living room is a coffee table Rushan crafted from steel. Its organic shape and smooth surface complements the crisp white of the sofa and pale concrete floors. The dining table is lit by a long piece of pale wood that Rushan has fashioned into a light, its rustic glow providing a warming ambience.

In fact, Pure House Ibiza is brimming with Rushan’s creations, like a living, breathing showroom of his work. A steel standing lamp appears like a bouquet of metallic arum lillies ready to open up to the world. Its apparent weight is juxtaposed by the delicateness of the shapes. The garden is adorned with more sculptures placed carefully amongst the trees and foliage. It is here one can see the influence of the great European artists Rushan so admires.

Pure House Ibiza is unlike any other boutique hotel in Ibiza. Rushan and Caroline are more like hosts than owners. They mingle with the guests, a fact that has made them many friends from across the world. Their easy-going vibe, global travels and natural curiosity make them impeccable conversationalists, while still valuing the discretion and privacy of all guests. “It’s not only a hotel actually,” says Caroline. “It’s more like a home.” And as the name ‘boutique’ hotel suggests, they also sell almost everything you see, from Rushan’s creations to the décor and beach jewellery found in the small ‘Pure Bazaar’ shop.

Hotel guests and visitors are welcome to peruse the pieces on display, and should they be interested in taking them home, purchase can be arranged. “We made the space in the style that we like,” explains Rushan. “We didn’t realise so many other people would also like it!” After being asked so many times, the couple eventually decided to make certain pieces available. Caroline has another motive: “I like to keep changing things,” she says. “Honestly, having the pieces for sale provides me with the space to try new ideas.”

The pair travel extensively, most recently spending three weeks on a scooter in Bali searching for new treasures. While other people visit beaches or temples, Rushan and Caroline went off the beaten track to see what local artisans were producing. “It’s our passion,” says Caroline. “When we travel we choose locations around the things we may be able to find there.” There are pieces and objects in the house originating from as far and wide as Tunisia, Vietname, Indonesia, India, Holland, Belgium, France and beyond.

The concept connecting all the design elements at Pure House Ibiza is nature. “We try to work with natural materials,” says Caroline. “Because nature is the first designer.” Comfort comes a close second. The outdoor sofas were previously upholstered in white but Caroline noticed it made guests feel stiff. “We want people to put their feet on the sofa,” she says. “So, I changed the colour to beige and now people fall asleep there.”

Word has spread across global creative milieu. “We don’t advertise much,” says Caroline. “It’s mostly word of mouth. We get a lot of photographers, designers and artists.” Pure House Ibiza attracts many like-minded guests who come to find discreet luxury in laidback surroundings, all appreciating the carefully curated aesthetic of the hotel.

Plans are afoot at Pure House Ibiza. Rushan and Caroline will spend the coming winter travelling and reimagining their beautiful space. Next summer will no doubt see changes in the design but one thing can be counted on, it will always be chic and comfortable… and should you fall in love with something special, you can take it home with you.

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