Ibiza living: SE Yachting Interiors – Inspired nautical interiors

Santa Eulalia-based S.E. Yachting specialise in luxury Princess Yacht and Chris Craft boat sales, and this year celebrate their 15th anniversary. Their services extend far beyond the initial sale of a boat however – after all, getting hold of one of these highly-desired vessels is just the first step in developing the long relationship S.E. Yachting enjoy with their owners. Interior design and refurbishment also come under the S.E. Yachting banner – whether you’re looking for a complete refit to breathe fresh life into a previously-owned luxury yacht, or fancy personalised towels and seat covers set to complement your new boat’s name and colour-way, they’ve got you covered.

“When boats start looking a bit old and tired, but our clients aren’t ready to upgrade to a new one yet, we give it a touch of Ibiza,” explains founder James Blanchfield. “Or in the case where people are buying the same make and model of boat, we can give each one a unique touch of character to suit their taste and style.”

The team behind S.E.Yachting have the skills and contacts to make your boat styling dreams come true – all can be accommodated after a style consultation.

If this season’s trend for grey and silver trim has set off your fantasies for a change of style onboard, a great way to make a simple yet striking change to your yacht is to start with the upholstery. Bright vibrant colours can also add an immediate splash to a boat’s first impression out on the water, whereas a classic blue and white nautical style lends class and charm to a modern speedboat. Luxury leathers, chic neutrals, and all-white finishes are always a popular look across the world, but here in Ibiza, a touch of bohemian pastel and some vividly embroidered cushions bring the Balearic vibe instantly on board.

Franziska Pozo of S.E. Yachting says metallic trims are also big this year, and are a great solution to customise and incorporate their own style. From the name of the boat, to the bed linen and chair covers, so many elements can be personalised and brought into synergy to harmonise the overall impression and experience on board. “We can personalise with anything you need,” explains Franziska, who brings her design skills to the team. “With your name, the name of the boat, your guests’ names, the word Ibiza – or any kind of tagline to suit a celebration. Everything we do is bespoke.” Franziska originally studied Design Technology at Germany´s unique Möbelfachschule college in Cologne, after which she went on to lecture and teach interior design – specifically Home Textiles and Upholstery. Her skills and knowledge in this field are now well utilised by S.E. Yachting clients each year, and she handcrafts and customises many cushions and bags herself, adding a truly personal touch to each project.

Soft furnishings are only the beginning when it comes to decoration, as any interior design fan would be well aware. State of the art lighting, colour-changing LEDs and mood illumination of the interiors cannot be neglected when it comes to creating a memorable experience on your yacht – especially with so many of the similar models of yachts berthed and moored around our little island. Franziska is also a big believer in fresh flowers for decoration on boats – a little touch of fragrant luxury upon arrival on for your visit or charter – and can arrange all of this for her clients prior to arrival. Attention to detail is key. Your favourite flower, colour or scent can be sourced, or you can leave to her expert eye to select just the right bouquet.

Through their many years’ experience working on the island, S.E.Yachting have acquired a big black book of quick and efficient suppliers. It’s not so easy in Ibiza to find such high-quality seamstresses or producers, but the team pride themselves on being able to provide a fine standard of deluxe products in the fastest possible time. Depending on the demands of the order, most boat refits can turn around in a matter of just three weeks, even less if it’s just linens or covers being requested.

The S.E. Yachting team are multi-lingual and are always happy to talk through each owner’s wishes in whichever language suits best. Discussing ideas in your mother tongue certainly helps better communicate a particular desire or style, and means nothing gets lost in translation. It’s said that if you own a boat, it’s an extension of your lifestyle, and certainly this is the team to help you truly reflect that style whilst out at sea. Adding a touch of Ibiza to your yacht so that the island always travels with you… long after you physically leave its shores behind.

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