Sofia Gomez Fonzo – Ibiza architecture photographer

Ibiza and architecture photography match made in heaven. Be it villa rentals, property sales, personal design projects or just Instagram-worthy locations, there’s no denying the island’s appeal on camera. But it’s not as easy as an iPhone and an idea – true architectural photography must come from a design standpoint, and here in Ibiza, photographer and trained graphic designer Sofia Gomez Fonzo understands what both a customer and a client are looking for within a property image.

“I studied art history in Chile and my teacher was an architect,” she explains of her origins. “I learned quickly that a house is not only one person’s design project or art, but also another’s to live in. You can see it, feel it, breathe it. It envelopes all of your senses.”

Upon moving to the Mediterranean island of Ibiza, Sofia cut her teeth working for White Ibiza (yes, us!), where her natural aptitude for architectural photography quickly became apparent. It wasn’t a case of snapping a room – it was all about the lines, the shadows, the corners, functionalities. Sofia was able to capture a property’s sensibilities as if it were a piece of art. And a career path was started…

“I have a passion for shooting houses,” she says. “Especially in Ibiza, where every property is unique. My challenge is to show this beyond your average picture of a room or a house.” For Sofia, no two properties are alike, nor are they too big or too small. “I don’t just point and shoot,” she says. “I try and see it from the designer, the owner and the client’s perspective.”

For a villa shoot to be successful, Sofia says the most important thing is natural light. She doesn’t believe in filters, or altering things to be anything but what they are – what you see is what you get, and this is the key to customer satisfaction. “I shoot real life,” she says. “It is what it is – I would rather postpone to another day than Photoshop fake sunshine.”

Capturing the true soul of a property is Sofia’s most important skill. Be it a one-bedroom apartment or a 10 million euro villa, she views it with the eyes of a creative artist – each has its own creative merits. Sofia is also passionate about shooting interiors, working alongside many of the island’s best designers. “Without them, a house is not a home,” she says.