Ibiza living: TANIS Ibiza – Designing dream homes

Handing over the design reins when you’ve just purchased a brand-new property can be a tough ask – you’ve gone through the painstaking process of finding the perfect home, but now you’re left with a shell on your hands, crying out for embellishment at the hands of a professional. For some, in can be hard to pass the baton of trust when the object in question is so precious, but fortunately there are experts available like interior designers Tatjana Berger-Sandhofer and Nick Lording, owners of stylish concept store, TANIS Ibiza, found on the road from Ibiza to Santa Gertrudis.

For this gifted duo, taking complete control of a design project is a common occurrence. Having built a reputation as two of the most dependable, creative designers on island, they’re frequently tasked with transforming properties, taking them from raw potential right through to the category of dream home – as their latest project demonstrates. “Absolutely nothing about the current project we worked on looks the same as when we started,” explains Tatjana.

The taste in question, of course, is much like what’s embodied by the TANIS showroom itself – modern, minimal and rustic, it’s an ode to the objects and style naturally conceived by the pair while travelling the globe. The aesthetic works seamlessly on Ibiza homes – even ones built in the 1970s rather than the 2000s. “We spent a lot of time figuring out how to make changes,” says Nick. “Internally, this project ended up very different – we knocked down walls, changed the entrance, raised the roof beams and tiles, created a fourth bedroom and changed the shape and design of the pool and outdoor terrace. Then we started choosing wall colours and fabrics.”

Keen to maintain some of the house’s original charm while adding flourishes of their own, Tatjana and Nick settled on a pure, minimal interior, while still preserving some of the building’s authentic warmth. “The location has a lovely feeling, so the house already felt quite cosy,” explains Nick. “But it still took me 10 days to finally find the right colour for the outside walls!” adds Tatjana. This is precisely the kind of dedication the couple are renowned for and the reason why they’ve extended their expertise all across the world, working on projects in New York, Canada and various parts of Europe.

Now the Ibiza villa project is coming to a close, the couple have the opportunity to reflect on a project that’s been a part of their lives for almost a year. “It all came together so quickly in the end,” reminisces Nick. “It was an intense process but our client trusted us, and whenever we had a design question he knew he would be consulted.” Tatjana continues: “It was a really fun project to work on. By the time the owner moved in, we’d taken care of everything from napkins in the kitchen to soap in the bathroom. When it was finished I had tears in my eyes – it was just so incredible to see.”

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