Using light as a material: Giorgio Brunetti Architecture

Ibiza architect Giorgio Brunetti was fascinated with light from an early age.  He recalls making his own lamps as a teenager, using recycled materials from leftover bricks and materials from his parents’ home renovations, inspired by the ‘Arte Povera’ movement in Italy in the 70s, and also his childhood sensitivity to the unaesthetic lighting used in guest bathrooms in the homes of his parents’ friends, in shops and in restaurants.

The child with a taste for illumination grew into a fully-fledged architect, having studied and worked in Italy, London and Germany, and never lost his passion for lighting, incorporating the use of light as a material into every project he undertakes. “When I design any space, I always think about how I am going to illuminate it,” he says. “I cannot just design a room and not think about what I want to show in that room, and how it will affect the person using it.”

“Light gives you comfort and wellbeing,” he says. “When you design a project, the light quality in the house is the first thing to think about – natural light doesn’t cost you anything and you can create something from nothing.” Citing Ibiza’s famously beautiful light as an inspiration and a ‘luxury’ to play with in his work, Giorgio likes to bring the element of light into a space in a subtle way, working with the natural way light falls throughout the day then providing a subtle transition to artificial illumination as night falls.

Previous examples of exemplary lighting in Brunetti’s projects include a folding roof inside a cinema room to create an ambient light effect; a sculpture-like staircase playing on the light from a north facing window and featuring subtle, spotlights on the side at a specific angle by night to create an intriguing, inviting effect and a specially designed lightbox creation available in three sizes that can be opened and closed to play with the light effect desired. These art-like lightboxes – inspired by famed Mexican architect Luis Barragan – were accepted by the prestigious Venice Design Week, a testament to Brunetti’s creativity and cutting-edge design.

Working directly with a light engineer who studied illumination in Italy, Giorgio’s lighting designs are not only aesthetically pleasing; they are also scientifically calculated to create the perfect warm glow for each client or project’s needs, based on chromatic values and Lumen factor. But no matter how technical, no matter how beautiful and no matter how unusual, functionality is also an important thing to Brunetti, who understands clients still want the simple flick of a switch to turn their lighting off and on at the end of each day.

Here in Ibiza, Giorgio Brunetti is available to design lighting projects of any size and scale, to suit your budget. Whether the design and development of a new build villa with specialist lighting features, a bathroom reformation, swimming pool installation or simply the matter of redesigning the lighting scheme in your existing home, creating feelings of comfort, happiness and wellbeing through lighting is his forte.