Ibiza living: Vivenda Pitiusa – Italians do it better

Since their inception, Ibiza interior specialists Vivenda Pitiusa have been bringing the latest and greatest in style and functionality to island homeowners. With a special interest in contemporary Italian design and décor, in addition to an unwavering passion for preserving the authenticity of their Mediterranean home base, their commitment and dedication to design is immediately felt on entering the striking glass doors of their spacious Ibiza town showroom.

A little-known fact here on the white isle is that Italian architecture and design played an important role in shaping what we consider to be modern day Ibiza style. The 60s and 70s in Ibiza saw an influx of Italian architects choosing Ibiza as their seaside summer escape of choice, bringing with them their design ethos and influencing the architecture and interiors dating of that era – timeless, elegant and high quality villas, many of which still exist to this day.

Today, Vivenda Pitiusa are proud to place pieces from two of Italy’s most noteworthy exports in their clients’ Ibiza homes: FLEXFORM and Riva 1920.

A philosophy of steering clear of excess and never straying from a path of quality craftsmanship has earned FLEXFORM a high-profile name recognised across the globe. Back in the early days, when pieces from the Galimberti brothers’ little workshop in Brianza (the furniture manufacturing district where the Made in Italy design movement began) started appearing in regal Milan properties and impressive villas overlooking Lake Como, intuition provoked the founders to seek out the expertise of leading Italian designers to help them shape the company’s signature style, and FLEXFORM was born – ci se va, as the Italians would say. The rest is ‘design’ history and today the family business is in its third generation.

Fast-forward to 2017 and you’ll find a very different company to that tiny workshop. Long gone are the tiny workshops, as FLEXFORM now resides in colossal factories in Italy. Despite the brand’s rapid advancement, the company has worked hard to safeguard the high-end design and craftsmanship it is renowned for – today FLEXFORM pieces exude a timeless elegance through clean lines, sophisticated fabrics, the loveliest of leathers and shiniest of metals, always respecting their roots.

Plush sofas and beds, beautiful dining settings or deluxe coffee tables and more, FLEXFORM style is the perfect addition to any Ibiza villa. All pieces are completely customisable in terms of colour, size, fabric and shape, meaning the company works with you in order to seamlessly blend into your living spaces. Vivenda Pitiusa act as the middle men between FLEXFORM and their clients, working with you to design the perfect piece of furniture then arranging its expert production and direct shipment to Ibiza.

Born out of humble beginnings back in 1920 (as the name suggests!), Riva 1920 is another family business that has evolved into a fundamental part of Italian design history. The brainchild of Nino Romano, the artisanal workshop was also set in Brianza, where Nino and his family specialised in the production of timeless classic wooden furniture.

After the war, Romano joined forces with the Vighizzolo workshop, continuing to create furniture magic in a classic style. Further down the line, brothers Maurizio and Davide Riva follow in their father and grandfather’s footsteps – creating made to measure furniture from their home. When their customer base grew to over 1600 people, they knew it was time to make it official. Such were the humble beginnings of Riva 1920 as we now know it, almost 100 years later.

With a strong focus on sustainability, the company now works with over 100 designers worldwide to bring tangibility to the wonderful world of wooden furniture design. With razor sharp attention to detail coupled with dazzling design and high- end materials, every creation is sure be a conversation piece in the home – think timeless yet modern tables, chairs with elegant Italian character and allure, plus examples of the modern industrial age filled with rustic refinement.

Often carved from one solid piece of quality wood, each Riva 1920 piece is completely unique and a little bit different – a little bit of art some might say! Whether you opt for a rustic finish perfect for an Ibicenco finca or a sleek and stylish contemporary style for a modern villa, Vivenda Pitiusa can advise on the perfect style to suit your home.

At the helm of Vivendas Pitiusas are born and bred Ibicenco interior experts, Vicent and Joan. Their own company values are akin to those of Riva 1920 and FLEXFORM – a small company, born and bred on the island that has grown via word of mouth and through their deep passion for design and decoration. The design duo take an extremely personal approach to all projects, spending time getting to know each client, their vision and their space individually in order to create a happy marriage of coherent design, beauty and durability in each project.

There’s a well-known saying that ‘Italians do it better’, however here on the white isle, they’re definitely given an expert helping hand thanks to the Spanish team at Vivenda Pitiusa.

Contact vicent@vivendapitiusa.es for more information.

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