Ibiza living: Vivenda Pitiusa – In search of authentic beauty

Step inside the sleek Vivenda Pitiusa showroom on Avenida Ignacio Wallis in Ibiza town and you’re presented with an altogether different aesthetic to the one you may have come to expect of the island. A static ode to the chic, simple beauty of Italian design, each piece of stunning furniture positioned on the shop floor has been carefully curated to represent the Vivenda Pitiusa ethos – one which centres around authentic design, contemporary furnishings made by the finest Italian brands, and a personal approach courtesy of Vicent and Joan, the company’s design devoted owners.

Open since 2004, Vivenda Pitiusa embodies Vicent and Joan’s straightforward vision of design. Proud Ibicencos and purveyors of truth when it comes to the redesigning of spaces, the duo are dedicated to creating something new out of already present beauty, while still effortlessly interpreting client’s needs and utilising their own personal perception of what’s fitting for the brief. This means their expertise has been used for projects both large and small, and has seen them work on some of the most beautiful renovations of the island, including those of boutique hotels Can Curreu and Mirador de Dalt Vila, and Restaurante S’Estel in Santa Eulalia.

The aim of all Vivenda Pitiusa projects is to remodel a building or space while staying true to a brief shaped by the client’s desires and needs. “The most important thing is that the surroundings fit with the client, because they’re the ones who have to live there,” says Vicent. “They’re the main actors in their own home.” The result is a space that’s liveable, and vitally, one that has been directly impacted by the clients themselves. “We don’t want all our designs to be the same,” Vicent continues. “We want them to look like the clients have designed it themselves – it should be an honest adaptation of their own concept.”

Nevertheless, Vicent and Joan undoubtedly err on the side of contemporary design and all it stands for, and are keen to emphasise that this kind of modern styling fits all projects – even 18th century fincas – as long as there’s a dash of added personal touch. “It’s amazing how pure design matches with old buildings,” explains Vicent. “We do a lot of renovations on these kinds of fincas and the ones with modern design always end up looking fantastic.” Indeed, such is their confidence in this style that they never stray too far away from it.

“All ideas grow from an ancient foundation,” emphasises Vicent. “The earth represents our culture and traditions but the plant that grows from it is something entirely new – so we try to make something new from what we already have.” With this approach applied to each project, the result is a sanctuary where you can take refuge from the bustling world around you, sinking your feet into the calming essence of Ibiza in the process. Homes don’t get much better than that.

Contact vicent@vivendapitiusa.es for more information.

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